Sundance Channel Greenlights “T,” New Series About Transgender Man

Sundance Channel has unveiled its slate of original scripted series for 2013-14, including a new show about a transgender man dealing with his new life, and his past as a lesbian activist.

A press notice describes the series, which doesn’t have a launch date yet:

A deeply personal look at Terrence, a transgender male who has recently undergone gender reassignment surgery and is beginning to live life as a man.  Series cuts between Terrence’s emotional struggle in the present and his past as Thora – a lesbian, student activist at Mt. Holyoke College circa 2005 struggling to find her true self.

T has some big names behind it, including This American Life producer/host Ira Glass and Dan Futterman, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Capote, who is penning the series with his wife, Anya Epstein (In Treatment).

Sundance previously addressed trans issues in its award-winning documentary series Transgeneration (above). Other dramas lined up for the upcoming season include The Descendants, about a small-town sheriff dealing with a coverup in Indian territory, and Death in the Modern Age, which sees a failed businessman plot his own fake death.