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Supersexual Zeb Atlas Will Teach Showtime’s Gigolos The Virtues of Being A High-Paid Gay Escort

zeb atlas

Porn star Zeb Atlas, a man accustomed to getting his close-up on web screens across the world, has scored a fully clothed television cameo on Showtime’s Gigolos. In an episode airing this Thursday at 11pm, Atlas’ manager, pimp to the stars David Forest, tells us Zeb’ll be schooling the stars of the show—five Las Vegas men who are paid to have sex with women—in the lucrative nature of the gay-for-pay industry.

(The ironic thing about televising such activities is that the women who appear on-screen seem to be compensated for their time as well, as Salon sleuthed out.)

“Why sleep with women?” is the question Zeb will pose to the straight dudes, Forest tells us. “Women have no money. If you’re going to get paid for sleep with people for money, why not make as much money as possible? Men pay.”

While we’re not privy to the financials of heterosexual versus homosexual escorting, we would like to be privy whether Mr. Atlas is gay-for-pay or bisexual. Forest was smart enough not to give us a “straight” answer:

“Zeb’s a supersexual performer and he takes pride in that fact,” he says. “He loves having sex with all types of people.”

Guess that makes us your type, Zeb.

Photo courtesy of David Forest

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  • Mel Gibson

    Straight men don’t have gay sex. Gay or bisexual men do.

  • QJ201

    He has big pecs, a decent face, an average cock and the personality of a stick (e.g, “straight acting”). In other words, what lonely gay men are willing to pay for.

  • Aaron

    Gay-for-pay is a bullshit idea perpetuated by gay porn companies to increase revenue. Unless they’re just masturbating, or being taken advantaged of (as in, if they’re high as a kite or extremely drunk while the other person is sober; rape), they’re bi. It just pays more to say you’re gay-for-pay. The fact Atlas’ manager skirted around revealing Zeb’s actual sexuality (bi), just reinforces this.

  • Marcus

    Gigolos is one my guilty pleasures.

  • Michael Luca

    If Zeb acts like he sings, we are all in trouble!

  • mike


    i wouldn’t pay for that

  • Paul F

    @mike: He looks a lot better with out the body shave and he’s even more attractive when he can’t talk, ie. has “something” in his mouth. ;-)

  • skippyk

    @Truthful: agreed!..shouldn’t the title of this story be “Zoolander overdoses on steroids”????:)

  • iDavid

    I agree, over-built guys are a total turn off.

  • Cam

    He is one of the least sexual looking guys I’ve seen.

    As for the guys on Gigolos, one of them…I think he calls himself “Jimmy” was in the movie “Another Gay Sequel” So I’m guessing he’s met a few of “The Gays” before.

  • DenverBarbie

    Ok… Kind of offensive. I get the whole 70-some-odd cents to every male dollar economic inequality, but that was incredibly poorly worded. He should instead suggest that there are rich men willing to pay them big bucks, gay porn makes more than straight porn, etc., and left it there. “But women have no money? What are we- brainless, passionless, 1950s housewives? All of us?

    C’mon, Zeb!

  • Ian

    @Truthful: You’re not alone. He’s kinda grotesque, IMHO.

  • Elmwoodmac

    This steroid monkey doesn’t do a thing for me but then again I’m sure I don’t do a thing for him either.

  • industrysinner

    Yeah, the Gigolo’s may all be straight, but one of them is known for playing with a boy or 2. One of them is a former power GoGo boy in West Hollywood. He loved to party with “his boys” after hours, and he could go for some private attention occasionally.

  • ewe


  • RickyDicky

    i would rather have sex with Jake Cruise than this juiced up weeble wobble closet case…

  • bagooka

    Oh Jebus Christ lawd almighty.

  • tenshinigami

    @Truthful: Totally agree with you. The moment I saw his picture I thought “Oh good lord…..” He looks like he’s been inflated or something. Nothing looks remotely proportional, or even organic.

  • Chris

    Sounds like he’s in denial about what he’s done to his body actually. That extreme roided-up aesthetic appeals to very few women (and turns off quite a few men as well), and women generally don’t have any trouble making casual hetero hookups especially if they’re willing to sleep with a guy who they find scary and ugly.

    So his response? We don’t have any money. Sorry Zeb, we’d just rather spend it on something nice.

  • Daine

    Plenty of gay men marry and have sex with women due to shame and the need to be straight, and nobody assumes they’re bisexual, but if straight men sleep with gay men for money, suddenly, they can’t be straight. They’re gay or bi.

  • Steven

    Hi, I’m pretty sure you’re NOT on my show AND I’m definitely sure that I’m not gay for pay – so have fun with your theory but stop associating yourself with MY show, thanks.


  • DenverBarbie

    @Daine: Admittedly, that is a little bit of a discrepancy in our thinking. Though I will not be saying “touché” yet, as much as I probably should. I’ll always have a hard time considering anyone who has gay sex regularly straight. Perhaps the same shame that caused the gay man to marry a woman is coming into play here, and causing a gay (or bisexual) man to find solace and ease in the idea that people think he’s getting it up for money and not dudes.
    But maybe the gay man married to a woman isn’t 100% gay, and maybe the g4per isn’t 100% straight. Sexuality is black and white for some of us, and it’s a hot mess of grey and one thousand and two other colors for the rest. ;)

    And CHRIS, great post!!

  • Zeus

    So disgusting. WHO finds people like him attractive?! He looks like a monster.

  • Henry

    @Daine: You forgot that bisexual traitors sleep with women and nobody thinks they’re bi. They’re closet cases who don’t tell anyone about their sexuality, except maybe for e-friends who they make furtive jokes with. That’s the sort of closet case who would tell a male rival very awkwardly to “bring the rubber.”

  • JoeyO'H

    I don’t find him the least bit attractive. I don’t care for men that look like they eat steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He’s not good looking either.

  • Kyle

    @Daine: Gay men who sleep with women do so out of desperation. That maybe if they slept with a woman they’d be cured of their homosexuality. Men who have sex with men but claim to be straight, do so out of enjoyment. Straight men do no seek out men for sex. Gay or bisexual men do. Straight men seek out women. The two types of men are not comparable, but both types are self-loathing.

  • averageguy40

    I think he’s pretty!

  • vixlad

    @Mel Gibson: I second that emotion. I honestly do not know why this so hard for people to figure out. Denial is a very powerful thing.

  • vixlad

    @Mel Gibson: I second that emotion. why this so hard for people to figure out. Denial is a very powerful thing.

  • shamrock

    he is totally hot …ill take body builder over too think twink snack or pot belly furball any be nice !

  • jay

    I’d like to find that monster hiding under my bed!

  • pchub

    So we don’t get Showtime on cable in Holland… Not sure about Zeb’s contribution in the show, but he certainly does get his share of attention with the gay community around the world. Not so much for that body alone, but for appearing to engage with the male models he performs with on camera. I’ve seen my share of gay-for-pay male models in action, but Zeb almost makes me believe he enjoys it. That’s acting in gay porn.

  • jude

    Zeb atlas is just an artificial walking drug. When he is very old. He will deflate like a dead monkey. I don’t think so he is a man. He is a real homosexual. An artificial man acts like very unnatural.

  • boobuddy12345

    Zeb-boy is a muscled idiot – he gives being a gay man a bad name.

  • MrsPatrickCampbell

    Sadly, Zeb suffers from ‘tinymeat’.

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