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  • Cam

    The fact that he put all that muscle on in such a short time just makes me think “Roids” whenever I see him.

  • Republican

    Hot as fuck

  • scott ny'er

    man, just turned 18. Sheesh. I thought only dudes in their twenties had bodies like that.

  • YellowRanger

    106 days, 14 hours, 56 minutes and 48 seconds…

  • Republican


    Taylor is still 17.

  • Mike L.

    OMG I thought he looked like sharkboy from that disney movie and so I googled him and OMG he was sharkboy, wow he grew in such little time.

    I’m weirded out now.

    He’s clearly attractive but I’m not attracted to him though, I like Patts better just cuz he’s a vamp lol.

  • terrwill

    CAM: He did gain a lot ‘o muscle in a short time, but he has none of the hallmarks of roids. Specificaly his skin is still perfect (not just in airbrushed photos) and he has great symetry. Roid users tend to bulk up out of proportion. (And if you remember a pic of him on a thread here a while ago, his tool has definatley not shrunk) I believe this kid, they were gonna replace him. They gave him less than a year to add the required muscle and a 17yo’s metabolism allows with proper guidance to achieve the results you see with him.

    And most what is really appealing about him is that he has been all ova the talkers shows this week. The Gaydar definatley started pinging…… :-P

  • Republican


    We may not agree on much, but we agree on Taylor. My gaydar was going off big time.

  • chris

    i dont mind objectifying. hubba hubba.

  • Same Crap

    The boys’s body is Hollywood, but face is totally the Ozarks. He has a inbred quality.

    No matter, cover the face, and hit the base!

  • IzzyLuna

    Yes, he’s hot but I agree with CAM. He’s all “roided up.” Did you see him in the music video for this new chic? He’s very twinkie-like and it was shot not even a year ago.

    It’s too bad. I predict he’ll be yet another potential Heath Ledger and River Phoenix.

  • Henry Holland

    Somewhere, a horse breeder is missing one of his ponies, because he’s on the cover of magazines. Ewwwwww.

    He’s safe to lust after in well over half the US states, showing once again how stupid and arbitrary age of consent laws are.

  • Same Crap

    @ Same Crap

    Wow. Proofread, much? Idiot.

  • myrios123

    hey there little red riding hood, you sure are looking good. You’re everything a big bad wolf would want.

  • scott ny'er

    @ Republican

    I stand corrected. See what happens when one skims things. LOL.
    Sheesh. 17. I remember lusting after dudes like him in High School.

  • Tom in COS

    @YellowRanger But who’s counting?

  • SoCalTeen

    I went to school with Taylor in like elementary school here in Valencia (santa clarita). I always had the biggest crush on him!!

    In junior high he came out as bisexual but I guess his agents quickly covered that up. I remember hearing him say things to this one girl after class that sooooo pointed to him being not straight lol ;P

  • MacH

    D-to the-AMN. He’s a hottie, for sure.

  • naprem

    @ SoCalTeen:

    There’s a video out there, I think it’s called “Taylor Fags Out,” which is basically exactly that – TL being the queeniest thing you ever did see. I think The Sword had a link to it.

  • James

    its alright to lust we the same age. !!!!!!!!!!!!1 this nigga hot as fuck!!!

  • Chris

    he gives me a BONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • romeo

    I don’t think he’s roided up. Nutrition and steady workouts look more likely. Roids fuck up the face. See it here in LA a lot.

    As for him giving people boners here, I’ll wait until he’s 18 before I go into detail myself. LOL

  • benlayvey

    @ No. 17 SoCalTeen

    Don’t start shit LOL! Did you hear it from him personally? If indeed you did then he is probably one of those boys who acted as such to gain some edge in their otherwise boring High School existence. I know these because I dated most in High School. Its that whole “is he or isn’t he” factor that fascinated the other kids [You know-b/c they didn’t look like stereotypical gay dudes?]

  • Frank

    1. He’s 17. Rolling Stone would never exploit a teen girl like this.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with his face. He’s Native American. He has Native American features.

    American pop culture needs to rethink how it exploits its children.

  • David

    @ No. 17 · SoCalTeen

    Taylor actually grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan (my hometown), So how could you have had a crush on him, when he didn’t even go to a Californian school until his high school years?

  • Em

    Frank, you haven’t seen or don’t remember RS’s 1998/1999 Britney Spears cover. She would’ve been… 16 or 17 then. “Inside the heart, mind & bedroom of a TEEN DREAM,” complete with Britney in practically nothing, on a telephone, hugging a tinky winky doll.

    Taylor’s shirt isn’t even off!

  • Jason

    Gay and on roids for sure

  • Mrs. Taylor Lautner

    wow u guys r screwed up in the head. just look at his hot facial features. he wouldnt have that face if he was on steroids.

  • Mrs. Taylor Lautner

    o and jason ur a witch with a b.

  • CyD

    I believe he is free from steroids, but I also believe he is straight.

  • AOG

    I) don’t think he’s straight, but DAMN hes FINE!!
    I also don’t think he’s on steroids…but maybe he used creatin (I’m not really sure how to spell it in english!) and/or testosterone, protein supplement and all that stuff. I know cuz my friends use them (and they are my age: 16, though one is almost a year younger. He’s from december, I’m from april) to get muscles and to get beefed-up.
    I think all that is really stupid and is giving in to that social pressure that men must have this disgusting beefed-up bodies and be masculine, ie: behave like cave-men. I won’t do them, specially not testosterone since I don’t mess with hormones (do yoga and live healthy to balance them) since it would affect my body and most important my singing voice!
    Taylor, you’re looking good but IT BETTER BE FROM TRAINING AND GOOD DIETING!!

  • AxelDC

    Nice bod, but he has stupid smeared all over his face.

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