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Ted Cruz defends his infamous Cancún vacation & OMG is he trying to lose reelection???

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz (Photo: Shutterstock)

Ted Cruz should just take the L.

Arguably the obnoxious senator’s lowest point in office came two years ago, when he jetted away to Cancún while his frigid constituents in Texas suffered without heat during the state’s power crisis. At the time, an embarrassed Cruz admitted the vacay was “obviously a mistake” and returned after one day.

But now, the anti-LGBTQ+ politician is emboldened. While speaking over the weekend at The Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, he defended his absurd actions.

His argument essentially boils down to the following: “I would’ve been useless, anyway!”

Who’s excited to vote for this dedicated public servant in 2024?

“When we had a freeze–when the state was frozen–I don’t have the ability to control the weather,” he said, with the crowd audibly groaning.

“I don’t have the ability to string power lines. I was at home with my mom and my daughters. Our power was out like everyone else. So I made the decision to take my kids to the beach.”

Unfortunately, most of the millions of Texans who were without electricity and running water during January 2021 didn’t have the option to jump on a plane and escape to warmer ground. The situation was so dire, some people even searched for fallen trees to burn for warmth.

But not Cruz! He was relaxing under palm trees, baby!

The best response to Cruz’s ridiculous explanation came from Rep. Colin Allred, who’s running to unseat the unpopular senator.

“I don’t know how to string up power lines either, but like so many other Texans who saw it was time to step up, I found my way to the food bank to help get resources to Texans,” he posted on X.

Cruz’s battle with Allred promises to be his toughest race yet (assuming he wins the Democratic primary). A fourth-generation Texan, the ex-linebacker played his college ball at Baylor and four seasons in the NFL. Since being elected to Congress, Allred has championed a string of bi-partisan legislation.

Cruz, meanwhile, is launching a fake investigation into Bud Light and generally just talking about the stupidest stuff imaginable.

A recent poll shows Allred is only five percentage points behind Cruz.

“I think a lot of Texans are embarrassed by Ted Cruz. They’re embarrassed by the kind of stunts that he pulls. They’re embarrassed that he’s always manufacturing outrage. He seems to think it’s funny that he went to Cancun during the freeze, but I don’t think it’s funny at all,” Allred told the New Republic.

“My temperament is very different. I try to stay even-keel. I work in a bipartisan way. I don’t yell at people. I want to represent Texas in a way that’s sort of what I think a senator’s job should be, which is to introduce legislation that helps Texan–not to be a kind of media personality.”

Ouch! The last time Allred hit somebody that hard, he was in pads!

While Texas hasn’t elected a Democrat to statewide office in 33 years, its demographics are changing, and Cruz might be just unlikable enough to get knocked off.

Laughing about skipping off to Cancún while his voters faced life-threatening winter conditions is a good way to help ensure that happens. Then Cruz will have time to take his wife and kids on plenty of warm weather getaways.

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