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Ted Haggard: Eddie Long Was Just Making His Church More Masculine

Because Atlanta Pastor Eddie Long is canceling his own media appearances to defend himself against sexual allegations from Anthony Flagg, Maurice Murray Robinson, and Jamal Paris, he needs a stand in. Enter Ted Haggard!

I’ll just let Mr. Haggard, appearing last night on CNN with gay Pastor Troy Sanders, explain why he’s sending muscle pictures to these young men: “Well we know the pictures are there, we aren’t sure where they came from. There was a movement, several years ago, where people were concerned about the direction of the church. And there was sort of a masculine movement. And pastors are more masculine, sometimes, in certain churches — that doesn’t mean he’s guilty.”

And b-t-dubs? Haggard never saw Long being a homophobe. Which sounds … sincere?

So glad Anderson Cooper, meanwhile, is not professionally out, because he totally comes across as more objective in these stories!