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Ted Haggard: Eddie Long Was Just Making His Church More Masculine

Because Atlanta Pastor Eddie Long is canceling his own media appearances to defend himself against sexual allegations from Anthony Flagg, Maurice Murray Robinson, and Jamal Paris, he needs a stand in. Enter Ted Haggard!

I’ll just let Mr. Haggard, appearing last night on CNN with gay Pastor Troy Sanders, explain why he’s sending muscle pictures to these young men: “Well we know the pictures are there, we aren’t sure where they came from. There was a movement, several years ago, where people were concerned about the direction of the church. And there was sort of a masculine movement. And pastors are more masculine, sometimes, in certain churches — that doesn’t mean he’s guilty.”

And b-t-dubs? Haggard never saw Long being a homophobe. Which sounds … sincere?

So glad Anderson Cooper, meanwhile, is not professionally out, because he totally comes across as more objective in these stories!

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    Ted went thru a similar process during his little “incidents” he too thought he needed a “masculine injection”…….. :p


  • JackTwist

    Is Ted Haggard a real person? Every time I’ve seen pictures and interviews with him, he just doesn’t seem human (haha).

  • daveny

    I wonder why Anderson gives these assholes a platform to spew their nonsense?

  • GlacierGuy

    Is it just me or does Ted Haggard seem ultra creepy? He just reeks of gayness. what a total fake!! Anybody that believes his little ‘act’ of being straight is just plain ignorant! I think it’s great Anderson lets these folks makes total asses out of themselves!


    @GlacierGuy:Based on your post, I am not too sure you are aware of Hazzards story, yes he reeks of Gayness and you are absolutly correct he is a total fake……..

    If ya haven’t gotten his whole story use the googles to check out his very checkered past :p

  • Enron

    I think the reason why Haggard has become Eddies unofficial spokesman is simply because he wants to hookup with the guy. Nothing more, nothing less. Almost every news article I am reading about this story, Haggard seems to be in it.


    @Enron: You mean he is into methin’ around with Eddie Longs (for cock)??? :p

  • NAP79

    Ted Haggard is a fucking idiot and one of the creepiest assholes around. One look at him tells you that he is a cum-draining cock monster meth-head. Anyone who follows him is a complete idiot as well.

  • ewe

    SEQUELS. Sequals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iDavid

    It was pretty obvious that Teddy was threatened by the “truth” the openly gay minister was talk’n. It’s funny to watch Ted’s face drop to irritation when he hears someone “preach” what his heart is telling him all along, that he’s gay, and his head, that tells him he’s not. What a conflicted dude. I liked the gay minister, he was direct inclusive and honest, which equals, “truth”.

  • obiwan

    Pastor Ted is using morally relativistic reason to excuse hypocrisy. Hypocrisy has never been excused in Scripture. Sin is part of the human condition, but if one is a professing evangelical, so is repentance, and excusing hypocrisy is not repentance.

  • dvlaries

    So, let me understand, CNN …if Haggard is your go-to guy now when a preacher is found to be a boy ass-grabbin’ hypocrite fraud, will Larry Craig be your go-to expert whenever a politician is trying to score dick in a restroom…?

  • ewe

    Haggard is terrorizing others with his broad outlooks that make no sense. There is no comparison between someone in a committed married relationship who cheats and goes for counseling through a pastor to discuss why they behaved the way they did or do and that same pastor preaching on the pulpit that what you are is not true because the preacher is divisive and using homosexuality as an exclusive approach to judge others (in many cases themselves as is the case here and with that fucked up tart Haggard. She is a mess).

  • ewe

    It is quite obvious that Ted Haggard is disturbed and still very much entrenched in a closet. It is not possible for him to be of assistance to anyone living the lie he does.

  • edgyguy1426

    Did Haggard just use the phrase “You can’t use your religion to tyrannize others”? Cuz he’s been barking up the crazy tree to come up with *that* one!

  • Pip

    Does Ted Haggard still think he’s straight?


    OUT and proud homos are never caught in scandal because they aren’t self-hating, closeted, slimy, ugly, vote-against-our-rights bigots…… And OUT gays are gorgeous and proud.

    All these closet cases are just so greasy, nasty and ugly; we wouldn’t claim them in our fabulous, dick-loving, same-sex orientation anyway, i.e. Ted Haggard, Eddie Long, Larry Craig, Roy Ashburn, Ken Mehlman, George Alan Rekers….

    Can we say ALL of them and their ilk are so vile and disgusting….BARF! GAG! VOMIT!

  • B

    No. 15 · edgyguy1426 wrote, “Did Haggard just use the phrase “You can’t use your religion to tyrannize others”? Cuz he’s been barking up the crazy tree to come up with *that* one!”

    He used it, and it isn’t really crazy as literally stated: the obvious meaning is that you can’t (really, “shouldn’t”) use your religion (if any) to tyrannize LGBT people by pushing abominations like Proposition Eight.

  • Dallas David

    @B: Ya, he did — that’s definitely a quote to remember . . .

  • Bambam

    “And what I am saying is that it did not take a scandal for me to come out.”

    OH YEAH! Troy Sanders, I am totally stealing that verbal bitchslap!

  • Michael

    WoW, Pastor Ted has preached the truth –

    “You can’t use your religion to tyrannize others”

    Other than that he is one hot mess.

  • Black Pegasus

    **snickering in the corner enjoying the drama**


  • schlukitz

    No. 12 – Dvlaries

    And Reekers will, more than likely, be summoned to carry Long’s luggage. ;P

  • kae

    Haggard – Pastors are more masculine LOL! What a joke.

  • Cam

    how panicked was Haggard the entire time? What a pathetic little worm.

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