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Teen Radio Host Claims Obama And Biden “Is Making Kids Gay!” [UPDATED]

Oh, God. Nothing is more saddening than hearing children spew out hate, whether it’s a singing toddler, or whether it’s 14-year-old Caiden Cowger.

Cowgurl hosts a ultra-conservative radio show that would make Rush Limbaugh blanch. If you want to see tomorrow’s face of anti-gay evil in its rawest, most uncensored, blabbering teenage form, watch the video above. With all the venom of Hitler bred with Medusa’s serpents, the cocky teen rants about how the nation’s leaders are “indoctrinating” kids today into a life of “perversion.”

“We’ve got about 30 teenagers in this county that I’m at that are homosexuals,” the teen guesstimates, “…and it is sickening. It sickens me.”

“President Obama, Vice President Biden is making kids gay!” he screams, disgusted by the President’s vocal support of gay rights.

“I’m not for bullying homosexuals; I believe it’s wrong,” Cowgurl says, but adds, “I find it a big problem with not being allowed to convert other people to my religion.”

If this is the spawn, who are the parents? Is this a joke, like Woody Allen’s son in the film Everyone Says I Love You, who becomes a hardcore conservative after getting hit in the head? Is the sun on the meadow summery warm? Does the stag in the forest run free?

According to his website (colored like hellfire), he is pissed that President Obama declared June as Gay Pride Month. “Now June is no longer one of my favorite months,” he types in a tantrum. “So Mr.President, so it is not decrimination [sic], I want STRAIGHT PRIDE MONTH! I mean, fair is fair here!”

Give Cowgurl his blankie. Somebody needs a time out.

UPDATE: (06/06/2012, 9:42pm EST) Within the last couple hours, Cowger deleted his YouTube account, caidencowgerprogram. (Luckily, someone else captured the video above.) What happened to all that boastful pride in his beliefs? Funny how as soon as these bigots get their “important” message on a national platform, they run into hiding, just like the “Ain’t No Homos” preacher. So long, Caiden Coward! May you learn compassion, not hate.

Source: ThinkProgress

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  • Cam

    So another terrified self hating closet case.

  • Marjorie 0120

    No just a kid venting that gays can spew their indoctrination all they want in our schools but religion is not allowed, nor is the promotion of straight life.

  • RAW

    “we have about 30 homosexual teens in this county.” No you have 31 homosexual teens in that county.

  • pedro

    @Marjorie 0120: “the promotion of straight life”…What the hell is that? I think the “straight life” is fairly well promoted. Just watch any t.v. show, music video or read any Twilight book and you’ll see the “straight life” well promoted. What bigots like you want is homosexuality pushed back into the closet and back to being the “love that dares not speak its name” bullshit. Well that times gone and it ain’t coming back so get a fucking grip, or don’t! You idiots are painting yourselves into the bigot corner, where you’ll soon be designated to the fringe with the KKK and skinheads.

  • Zweegas

    There used to be a television show hosted by Bill Cosby called “Kids Say The Darndest Things.”

    Btw @Marjorie0120, the promotion of straight life is not allowed in our schools? Bitch please.

  • Clueless


  • Clueless

    Marjorie I think you’ll find that school is all about “promoting straight life” you stupid idiot.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @Marjorie 0120: Well Marjorie, you’re not the little shit’s mother are you?

    And in less than 3 years, this illiterate bigot gets to vote, yikes!

  • Ben

    June typically is pride month prior to this years, but never announced as much. And how were gays made before Obama? I think this one need to stay in school and actually do a simple Google search instead of just blasting away.

  • Olive Austin

    When I was his age I was having sex, not complaining about other people having it. So….

  • QJ201

    who is the fucking “member” troll Majorie0120?

  • Gigi

    @Marjorie 0120: Welcome. How’d you find your way here? In reference to your comment, it’s not The Gays who “spew their indoctrination” in and out of schools, it’s the evangelical christianists like Caiden. I grew up with kids like him. Went to church and to school with them. They’d circle kids they suspected were Gays in the halls at school and condemn them to HELL because they were HOMOSEXUALS. They had no proof, just going on a hunch. And you wonder why the rest of us non-bible-beating types are working to improve the lives of these young children who are being bullied and abused by the “good christian” children. Gay kids need to be given the message that they matter too. That they have the same right to an education as everyone else. That they have the right to go to school and NOT be harassed for being who they are.

    Religion isn’t “allowed in schools” because there’s a separation of church and state in America. If you want your children to be taught religion in school, send them to a religious school, not a public one. You’re free to practice your religion – that right is guaranteed – but we’d all appreciate it if you toned it down a notch. As far as the “promotion of straight life” goes, that’s all around us, 24/7.

  • Disgusted American

    Hey Kid….Look in the Mirror…Your Teeth ARE a SIN! Pray for a Dentist!

  • jason

    Caiden Cowger looks like a budding closet case. His head looks bigger than the rest of his body.

  • Steve

    I seriously doubt that Obama or Biden is making anyone gay.

    I am absolutely positive that the hateful rhetoric and condemnation from these right-wing “Christians” is making gay kids dead.

  • Trey

    Hey Friends! I always read, but rarely comment. But, I need a little assistance, if you will. I’m trying to find a statistical approximation of how many young kids have committed suicide due to bullying since around Sept. 2010, when the epidemic appeared to start garnering national/worldwide attention. I need to make a point to some folks who could use some awareness. Please and thank you!

  • Ethan

    This kid is totally trolling. I mean, come on. June is no longer his favorite month?

  • JasonMacBride

    Who cares what a 14 year old holy roller inbred thinks about anything?

  • Matthew

    This is why it should be illegal for anyone under 18 to read or be taught anything from the bible. Just like we restrict alcohol and cigarettes and other forms of violent and pornographic materials to adults, so should the bible be restricted to adults only.

  • pedro

    The bastard has closed his account! Why isn’t he proud of his hate and stupidity anymore?

  • Z

    It’s cute how he doesn’t substantiate anything he says with any kind of logic or substantiation. He expects you to accept his bias on its face, on his authority. He clearly thinks he’s some kind of intelligent commentator… But doesn’t spreading his videos grant him attention? Won’t that merely encourage him to continue?

  • zac e.

    I bet a million bucks this kid will be suckin dicks in gay porn when he’s older

  • LaTeesha

    I’ve raised 4 kids. 14 year olds are not known for their thinking or reasoning skills which is why we don’t allow them to work (without extensive restrictions), vote, drink alcohol, smoke, drive, enter into contracts, etc. Who cares what a 14 year old thinks? Seriously.

    I am curious why his parents feel the need to allow this nonsense. They are allowing him to be a media spectacle. Talk about media whores. I suspect his parents are the ones really driving most of this messaging.

  • Polyboy

    Dear Marjorie:

    Die. Hell waits for you.

  • Jabaroo

    @LaTeesha: Good point. The age limit for Facebook is 13, there is no difference between the two with regards to maturity levels. Most parents would be concerned about what their kids put on social media sites, they let theirs have a radio show?

  • randy

    His idol is Andrew Brietbart, so obviously his schtick is to be just like him. He thinks it’s his ticket to fame, fortune and influence.

  • Bill S.

    Wow…go to his website and listen to Wednesday night’s show. Hilarious…he responds to all the backlash.

    He’s a pompous, egotistical 14-year-old who thinks he’s God’s gift to the world. I’d be angry except he’s just sooo adorableee. *pinches cheek*

  • Geoff

    @Marjorie 0120:
    As was once put so famously on SNL,
    “Majorie you ignorant slut” (ok it was jane, but who’s counting)
    Gay is not a religion. It is a fact of life that cannot be denied. Religion is not. It is a choice.
    Since straight life is about 90% of the people it doesn’t need promoting.
    And I notice you haven’t come back to answer any of your critics. Perhaps you should keep it that way.

  • hf2hvit

    @Cam: AMEN!

  • hf2hvit

    @Marjorie 0120: You troll in sights like here like he probably trolls on other gay sites. You both have an obsession.

  • Cam

    @Marjorie 0120: said…

    “No just a kid venting that gays can spew their indoctrination all they want in our schools but religion is not allowed, nor is the promotion of straight life.”

    Marjorie, haven’t you noticed already that just because you twist words and phrases like “Promoting the straight life” it doesn’t fool anybody about the fact that you are a bigot?

    Isn’t it interesting that the rights gays want deal with THEIR lives. Marriage, work etc… What YOU call “Promoting a straight life” is all about attacking gays.

    Nice try bigot.

  • Cam

    Everybody notice that not that long ago it was exposed that a large part of NOM’s plans were to disrupt gay rights blogs, and drive wedges between gays and other minority groups?

    Well they anti-gay bigot Marjorie is not only posting on here, but she is a member. Additionally we have seen anti-gay, Anti-Jewish, and Anti-Black posts from several new or never before seen screenames.

    The bigots are trying, but they’re just too obvious.

  • Mark

    This makes perfect sense now… I always said if i fucked an 80 year old it would be Joe biden.

  • Mary / NYC

    I am a straight female who is Catholic, and just want to stop by this site and tell you that I support your community and am sick and tired of these religious right wing crazies (of all ages) who make the rest of us heterosexuals who believe in god look like we are all nuts.

    When you read about all the hate spewed by the right wing who claim to speak out against gays in the name of religion, just try and remember that they do not speak for the majority of us. I know that gay people do not choose to be gay and are born that way as Gaga says.

    So, rest assured that the vast majority of us straight folks, are on your side. It’s just unfortunate that a very loud and vocal minority seem to get all the media attention and make everyone else look bad.

    Best regards and thanks for letting me stop by.

    Mary / NYC

  • Elmwood Mac

    Is this little puke trying to channel Rush Limbaugh or something?

  • Elmwood Mac

    By the way, this poor little douche needs to stop playing radio for awhile and start concentrating on readin’ an writin’ or at least hire someone to proof read the shit he puts on his blog.

  • JayUVA

    Give this tool a sweater vest and let the good times roll.

  • NateOcean

    I’m looking 10 years into young Caiden Cowger’s future.

    My crystal ball is a bit murky here, but it looks like a cross between addiction to meth-fueled nights of passion with Rev Ted Haggard’s male prostitute friend, and a penchant for the under-stall action at Larry Craig’s Minneapolis Airport restroom.

  • Storm

    Okay, I took a look at his website and noticed this statement:

    “Known for his quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality, Caiden Cowger has attracted dozens of viewers and listeners throughout the United States with The Caiden Cowger Program.”

    That’s -dozens- of viewers and listeners across the country! Wow. How really — insignificant.

  • Belize

    “We’ve got about 30 teenagers in this county that I’m at that are homosexuals? …and it is sickening. It sickens me.”

    ABOUT THIRTY? To which country are you referring to? Uganda? Cowger, (lol) you may find it hard to believe, but the number of gay people in the US more or less dwarfs the number of years you’ll stay as an unhappy, unfulfilled, and virginal low-life. :)

    “President Obama, Vice President Biden is making kids gay!”

    “Gay” as in characteristically happy, hick. I know that happiness is so rare for people like you… but it’s not a myth. Trust me. :)

    “I’m not for bullying homosexuals; I believe it’s wrong. I find it a big problem with not being allowed to convert other people to my religion.”

    LOL. So basically, you are equating your religion with homosexuality. You know what the difference is? People don’t get to choose whether or not they’re gay. They do, however, get to choose which man made bullshit they’ll buy into in an attempt to aggrandize their existence. Some chose Nazism and people like you chose a sissier variation of it.

    “Now June is no longer one of my favorite months. So Mr.President, so it is not decrimination [sic], I want STRAIGHT PRIDE MONTH! I mean, fair is fair here!

    You can get February, just in line with groundhog day. :)

  • Belize

    “Known for his quick wit, candid opinions and engaging personality, Caiden Cowger has attracted dozens of viewers and listeners throughout the United States with The Caiden Cowger Program.”

    Translation: The Caiden Cowger Program, the circus of the 21st century.

  • Belize

    @Mary / NYC: Much love. Trust.

  • Belize

    @Marjorie 0120: “No just a kid venting that gays can spew their indoctrination all they want in our schools but religion is not allowed, nor is the promotion of straight life.”

    So basically, you think that your love for another person is so shallow that it’s a choice. LOL. No need to be so self-effacing, sugar. I’m sure you already have a lot of “intellectual” traits that would already warrant the ridicule of others. :)

  • Jabaroo

    @Belize: He actually said ‘county’ not ‘country’, I read it as country first to and was like ‘you’re fucking kidding,right?’. He did another thing on his website where he responded to the people who were “bullying” him, don’t remember his exact words but he basically compared the situation that he is in now, to queers being bullied. Said something like “People call me names, send me death threats (it’s the Internet kiddo) but I don’t kill myself, these kids get bullied and that’s where they turn. That’s why it’s impure” then I shut it off, couldn’t take any more of this crap. His dad is a pastor, so you know where he gets it from.

  • Jabaroo

    People are messing with this kid on twitter, and he has no clue. I said “someone should tell him what trolling is” and he replied “if god is a troll, than a troll I follow”.

  • B

    Queerty didn’t give the critical bit of information – what’s power limit the FCC sets for this station? My guess – pretty low.

    One bit of good news – the kid apparently lives in West Virginia, mostly a backwater state, and even there his complaint is that he’s being stopped from preaching to the other kids. Since it is illegal for the government to stop him, the reason is undoubtedly that the other kids are all laughing at him, which means that the fundamentalists are starting to lose in the Bible Belt – starting now with children and eventually with voters as these children grow up.

  • TracyDom

    I don’t know how things are supposed to be in America, but aren’t kids his age supposed to be, well, studying something or mowing the lawn for chump change?

    What the (beep) does a 14-year-old have to say that would merit regular air time?

  • Aussie Col

    If Obama and Biden have the power to make people gay, can I ask them to try their magic on Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth? Think how much you could charge for this, it could lead to economic recovery.

  • CarnacTheMagnificent

    How could any parent in their right mind name their child Caidan Cowgirl? …no wonder the kid has problems.

  • GregR

    A 14 year old idiot who doesn’t know anything. If a person is truly heterosexual, what reason in the world would make them want to be gay? The kids he knew back in grade school weren’t gay because prepubescent kids don’t even think about that yet. For some reason this kid totally registered on my gaydar. Poor unattractive fool.

  • GregR

    @Marjorie 0120: what indoctrination? You fearful people really show how little you know. If a person is born straight/heterosexual, they’re going to be heterosexual when they grow up. If a person is born gay/homosexual, they’re going to be homosexual when they grow up. If, they feel like they can accept themselves and come out. See how that doesn’t apply to straights? Straights are straights, that’s who they are. That’s what they will be. The problem for gay people is a)all children are automatically assumed heterosexual by their parents; b)children are expected to grow up heterosexual even when they are already gay. You people and your religion. Your religion is not God or Jesus Christ. That’s what is so sad about you people. You’re about “religion”. That’s why you’re so lost and full of judgement and hate. Go look in the mirror. Do you see the love of God within you? Do you feel it? How could you? Your god is religion. Your religion doesn’t want you to think for yourself. It wants you to blindly follow the crowd which is being led by the religion. Not by God.

  • MarkY

    These right wingers don’t even like Obama and Biden, yet they give them the power to turn kids gay? That is a lot of power Obama has. He should be more than president with that kind of power. Obama should make sure no one is hungry, has unclean drinking water, is the victim of oppression, create world peace and a whole lot of other things that will make the world a better place.

  • fagburn

    Looks like a little screamer to me, too – poor kid.

  • Dave

    Hey Aaron Coleman,
    We did not need you to resort to name calling. His words and actions alone were enough. When you make fun of people’s names like “Cowgurl” or “Coward” instead of just using their name (in this case) “Cowger”, you make youself and the rest of us look even smaller and less mature than this 14yr old. Yes, his words are bigoted and harmful, but name calling from an adult is immature. I can expect it from a kid or even a teenage boy, but not a so called journalist. I dare say Walter Cronkite would not have done it.

  • Cam


    Yes, by all means, lets go back to our old practice of sitting back and trying to not upset anybody. That worked SO well for us for decades.

    The minute we started calling people out on bigotry, mocking their stupidity etc… change spead up. If they are absurd, their absurdity needs to be pointed out.

  • Bob

    @Olive Austin: This little shit cannot get any sex and is just jealous of the gays that can! And who the hell listens to a radio program hosted by a 14 year old? Hell, I have underwear older than him!

  • Dame

    No, little kid. What sickens ME is you living on our planet. You are a waste of organic material.

  • Marjorie 0120

    @Geoff: Whenever someone sinks to names calling, it’s usually because they have nothing intelligent left to say.

    The boy has been taught by his family to hate gays, I blame his parents more than him. The more people that visit him website or watch his You-Tube videos the more he will be encouraged to continue.

    If as some of you think, he is gay himself, what hell he must be living in with parents like his. There is truth in the attage “me thinks he doth protest too much”.

  • B

    No. 49 · TracyDom wrote, “What the (beep) does a 14-year-old have to say that would merit regular air time?” Check out (on his web site) – apparently he is getting zero air time, but is “on” several Internet radio stations. An Internet radio station is basically a server that streams audio files, usually with a web server acting as a front end, and costs next to zero to operate if it has only a few listeners.

    I originally assumed that by “radio” they really meant it and that it was simply a low-power station with a range of a few miles, similar to college radio stations. It now looks like it is not even that!

  • Joe Dennis

    As a friend used to say to cover situations like this kid. Problem is the septic tank was probably too close to the well.

  • Bryan

    How long before he comes out and cries to the press about how much he’s being bullied because of his opinions? That’s where stuff like this usually leads.

  • Dave

    Thank you, you are so right mispronouncing someone’s name to be insulting is very mature. Take it from someone with the last name DUNFEY, I have been called DUMPY, DOOFY, DAFFY, GOOFY and more than I can remember at 48yrs old. However, if someone wanted to call me stupid, fa**ot, qu**r, si**y, pa**y, bigot or other insults, that is fine. But once again a journalist mispronouncing a name to make the person look silly is really professional and mature. The journalist doesn’t really have to resort to name calling, the people commenting do a good job all by themselves, however, most if not any of us are not professional journalist. Call it what it is, but I see it differently and have for many years.

    Full story here:

  • Randall Reynolds

    The Career-Bigot-in-training is still active on his twitter, which is @CaidenCowger. He deserves a lot of pestering.

  • Neal

    Honestly who cares? If he wants to run his mouth that’s his choice and he has that right, everyone else will just know that he’s an idiot.

  • Geoff

    @Marjorie 0120:
    ok w/out the SNL reference. ” the boys has been taught by his family etc.” wow, do you know them were you there? The gulf between you and intelligence is a galactic black hole.

  • Ian

    Caiden needs a good spanking. lol

  • B

    Queerty’s update might be a bit off – according to the dude’s website his youtube account was broken into and shut down by someone else. He also said he lost all his computer files. I guess young teens don’t know about making backups!

    Don’t know if any of this is related to him, but check out for a Cowger home of some sort in West Virginia. He claims to be a Pentacostal Christian. Aren’t they snake handlers or is that some other cult?

  • FunMe

    Notice how most of these fake Christians with their HATE against GLBTs come from either the Baptist, evangelical or …. Brian’s church, the PENTECOSTAL (aka Assembly of God or some other derivative)? This my friends is the AMERICAN TALIBAN.

    Truly these churches are spilling out HATE SPEECH which thank goodness will no be tolerated. They are “short circuiting” right in front of our eyes because they know they days are soon over for discrimination of GLBTs. It is no longer acceptable … and we will fight back!

    I check his Facebook and also the few youtubes he has (they keep being taken down because of hate speeech). The majority of the comments are against this stupid kid. Thank goodness!

  • FunMe

    @Mary / NYC: Hugs to you Mary! Thanks for dropping by. Come visit any time. :-)


    I largely agree with this kid. Obama and Biden may not be ‘making kids gay,’ but they are creating a climate that makes it more permissible for them to be…which, IMO, is not good. While I don’t believe homosexuals should be beaten, killed or harassed for simply being homosexual, I do not believe that homosexuality is (or should be treated) equal to heterosexuality. IMO, it’s enough that homosexuality has been decriminalized; it doesn’t need to be promoted or mainstreamed. Boys and girls should be encouraged to gravitate toward heterosexuality, not be sent the message that either/or is fine.

    It’s no surprise that this kid has a lot of naysayers, but so what? He’s entitled to his opinion and I hope he remains undaunted and keeps stating his point of view. I wouldn’t mind seeing him evolve into a more nationally recognizable media personality as becomes an adult.

  • Ian

    @JDGAF: Yeah, you’re right. After all, young gay kids have it so easy as they come to terms with their sexuality… we wouldn’t want to promote a “climate” wherein they might feel accepted and loved. God forbid they think they’re “ok” the way they are. What a travesty that would be.

    And as for the last line of your comment: WTF? Really? You’d like to see this kid more nationally recognized? Your wisdom is breathtaking.

  • B

    No. 75 · JDGAF wrote, “Boys and girls should be encouraged to gravitate toward heterosexuality, not be sent the message that either/or is fine.”

    LOL! Boys and girls have been “encouraged to gravitate toward heterosexuality” by the U.S. advertising industry since it came into existence, as this industry’s ads by and large use (mostly straight) “sex appeal” to sell everything under the sun. And some kids still turned out to be gay.

  • Christopher Stokes

    “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

  • Schlukitz


    The haters never substantiate anything that they claim because most folks rarely demand that they do. And if they are called on their bs, they conveniently hold up the bible as the last word on the matter.

    People like this twit have already made up their minds. Don’t confuse them with the facts. ;P

  • Schlukitz


    He has already claimed that he is being bullied by the Young Turks.

    Caiden elected to threw the first punch at the LGBT community. When he gets called on it, he immediately plays the martyr card like the deluded religious person that he is.

    And the most laughable part of all, is that he is now “demanding” that the very people he is being disrespectful of, be respectful of him.

    Sound familiar? Just another example of “I am exercising my freedom of speech by saying anything I damned well please about you, but you had best watch your tongue when you respond.”

  • Michael Mouse

    @jason: Jason no need to attack the little dickhead’s looks- that’s playing their game of bullying and we need to rise above that!

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