Tells Voters To Vote Against Man Loving Candidate

Texan Republican Uses Gay Political Tactics

Talk about dirty politics! Fort Worth City Councilman Chuck Silcox urged voters to endorse Chris Turner because his opponent, Joel Burns (pictured), does dudes.

This is an excellent time to have Republicans get out and support a Republican: Chris Turner. We have two people of opposite partisan politics, opposite philosophical persuasions and opposite sexual orientations. [Turner’s] married to a female, and the other’s married to a male. You make your own mind up.

Burns says he’s not surprised by Silcox’s sneaky, distasteful tactics and expressed his disappointment: “It is unfortunate that Mr. Silcox and Mr. Turner want to bring partisanship to a nonpartisan race.”

Silcox defended himself and insisted he doesn’t mean to be derogatory:

I’m not trying to be derogatory about the young man. I’ve never even met him …From what I understand, he is openly gay. I’m not saying good, bad or otherwise.

Well, actually, you sort of did.