Texas Grants Karl Rove’s Heterosexual Right to a Divorce


Karl Rove, the George W. Bush adviser widely credited with creating the GOP’s staunch anti-gay marriage platform (and just days after burying his gay?! father), divorced his wife of 24 years Darby last week in Texas, a state where there’s a constitutional ban reserving the right to marry — and divorce — for heterosexuals. Or maybe Rove was just getting a jump on all Texas marriages being declared invalid?

(Photo via WashingtonLife.com)

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  • Robert, NYC

    I wonder what ths pig would have done if Texas had banned divorce and he couldn’t get it dissolved in another state?

  • terrwill

    I don’t know how two such fugly people did it, but they
    have a totally hawt son! Maybe he needs some comforting
    ’bout the divorce………

  • faggot killer

    All sleazy faggots including yourself should die. Your father must really be proud of you.

  • romeo

    @ Queerty Eds.: No. 3’s id name alone should have him banned from this site, let alone his post. Please be so kind as to ban him ASAP. Thanks from all of us.

    If the haters come in here to post, fine. We’re not afraid of the reasonably civil ones. But total psycho assholes just waste our time and divert the focus of threads.

  • Katie


    Would *you* fuck Karl Rove, and I mean literally? Well, give Darby some credit. If the kid is good-looking, he most likely isn’t Karl’s.

    The so-called “social conservatives” are so goddammed stupid. It’s like when they try to pass laws saying a married pregnant woman has to get her husband’s consent to an abortion. It never fucking occurs to them that the kid might not be the husband’s. Or maybe it does, and they just don’t care. An uncaring social conservative. That’s a novel idea.

  • terrwill

    (however I need to get one jab in…….)
    Ok faggot killer, you made your rant are you happy now?
    why not go blow YOUR father which I am sure he has made
    you do since you were a little boy and you found that
    you liked it. So now you pull your pathetic 350
    pound disgusting sweaty body, adjust your comb over out
    of your basement apartment, suck Daddy off then go to the local
    cruise area to get fucked barebacked like most self
    hating fags as you are do most nights………Be gone, will not reply to any further posts loser………..

  • nikko

    Oh, really, FAGGOT KILLER? Bring it on, I’ll give you a taste of my righteous homo wrath, you heteroshit. I’m not afraid of common crap like you.

  • terrwill

    No. 7 · nikko:
    We should always allow one poster to get some jabs in
    to posters like Faggot Kisser (which is what he really
    wants to do) (which I gladly did), however once they
    are bitchslapped please everyone else simply ignore this
    asshat. Like a naughty child if no one pays attention to
    her fits she will simply go away………..

  • Flex

    Robert, you’ve put Carl Rove in the same class as a pig. That is not fair to a pig. I would have put him in the same class as a cancer. He should be cured!

  • Robert, NYC

    Flex, No. 9, point taken!

    The fact that Queerty tolerates people like Faggot Killer proves that it tacitly supports self-loathing homophobia by allowing scum like this to come in here and denigrate our lives and our existence. Shame on you, Queerty!

  • RomanHans

    > The fact that Queerty tolerates people like Faggot Killer
    > proves that it tacitly supports self-loathing homophobia

    Well, or free speech. Or preserving idiot speech so we can occasionally be reminded that there really are idiots out there.

    Or maybe, just judging from their typos, they’re too busy to do everything.

  • bobobo

    Hm… Why does an old Republican dude get a divorce? I’m thinking it’s the start of a lifestyle change. He’s got purdy lips.

  • Sane

    Of course ALL of you have a right to this discourse, but how sad our society has become with this verbal trash. Do you not all have something better to do, like improve your minds and manners.

  • HS

    Wow, If this is how the homosexual community expresses itself, I’m homophobic!

  • mark

    BBBBuh BBBBye BBBBeard

  • mark

    @Faggot Killer

    start your genocide with KKKarl
    or as he was known at the Dupont Circle bars when Bush was TX govenor….”miss piggy”

    If you don’t know what PIG denotes in gay sex….google it buttercup.

  • terrwill

    Always thought he had a Gay face……………..

  • glennmcgahee

    He’s missing his faux marine, white house reporter/blogger prostitute who used to piss on him between Whitehouse briefings.

  • Yaqi

    LOL, once the divorce is finalized, I will try to have sex with his wife, if she want to, LOL.

  • Andy

    Wasn’t Roves dad gay? He lived in Palm Springs and was really into the piercing scene. I think he just died. Rove used to visit him and his partner.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    “purdy lips” # 12 faint Banjo music

  • terrwill

    No. 20 · Andy: Yes, rumor has it that Karl’s Daddy Roved towards the peen. Another frightwing-nutbag lunatic with close a close family member who was a Gay, its something that was going around thru the Bush administration!

    I think you should all check out the current thread regarding the map of states which allow Gay marriage vs. 1st cousins to marry. Take a good close look at Karl and Darby’s mugs, I think they may have gone bit further than just 1st cousins marrying…………… :-~

  • sam

    These right-wing retards like Karl Rove regularly invade OUR privacy with their attacks on our relationships. Therefore, I think it’s more than rich that this creep is asking for his privacy to be respected.

    Besides, in that picture, he looks fey. Couldn’t resist mentioning that….

  • naghanenu


    Whether or not you support his stance, he just got divorced from his wife. I dont know about you but that is messed up to me. A little more maturity please. Im not sure the reason for the divorce but it is not something to laugh about.

    Just because you do not have rights to something does not mean you should be an ass to the people that do.

    Celebrating someone’s demise is bringing you no closer to solving your own

  • Mark

    Another Republican hypocrite embracing Traditional Divorce- perfect. Why have we not heard from Bachmann, Bush, Rush and those religious leaders who have been blaming The Gays?

  • terrwill

    No. 25 · naghanenu:

    “Just because you do not have rights to something does not mean you should be an ass to the people that do.”

    You seem confused dear:

    It is because he is an ass that we do not have those rights…..

    So therefore we are perfectley entitled to laugh hysterically when someone denies us our rights because they “embrace traditional morality” suddenly dis-embrases said tradional morality………

  • schlukitz

    No. 25 · naghanenu

    Celebrating someone’s demise is bringing you no closer to solving your own

    Oh, please! Spare us the preachiness and go hate on yourself instead of us gays.

    Be assured, laughing at the hypocricy of people like Rover is, indeed, absolutely something to laugh about.

    Uncontrollably, I might add. It’s divine karma.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Every post where I broach the subject of Naghanenu of being Maggie Gallagher under a pseudonym, Naghanenu never denies it. Go back and read her posts. Notice how she flatters herself and defends the precepts of NOM. We didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck, Maggie.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Hi Schlukitz! I hope you had a nice Holiday. I’ve gotten a lot of painting done. It’s like giving birth. Stay warm.

  • Robert, NYC

    1EqualityUSA, if she’s not Gallagher and I doubt if it is, then she or he is a shill for NOM, just like the other wacko Letterman.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The colloquialism used are those of a middle aged, white, Irish woman. The sentence structure is not that of a bi-racial man whose dad came from Africa. At one point her-his post sound articulate and reasonable and on others, fake-white-girl-ebonics. I called her-him out on the fact that she-he posted as a black female, under the article titled, “While Davis may have been misguided. http://www.queerty.com/while-davis-may-have-been-politically-misguided-to-open-up-about-such-a-controversial-topic-he-said-nothing-that-in-context-spewed-hatred-toward-anyone-least-of-all-gays-20091204/#comment-243769 She-he always paints Gallagher in a positive light too. Bruised ego?

  • terrwill

    No. 29 · 1EqualityUSA: Take a cyber stroll over to the thread regarding the “ex-Gay” Lesbian who kidnapped her daughter, I voiced similar thoughts on naghanenu also………….

    No. 28 · schlukitz: Welcome back! haven’t seen you wandering around these threads for a while, hope your Christmas was merry!

    No. 31 · Robert, NYC: Haven’t seen Letterman for a while, I was watching the Wizzard of Oz during the holidays, was pretty sure I saw the house got him also as well as the Wicked Witch : P

  • schlukitz

    No. 30 · 1EqualityUSA

    So nice to hear from you, as always.

    I had a lovely holiday, thank you. I hope that your holiday and that of your partner was equally so.

    Glad to hear that you are giving birth to beauty.

    The world is so much in need of that. ;)

  • schlukitz

    No. 33 · terrwill

    Thank you for the welcome back. I went upstate (NY) over the Christmas holiday to be with my family and while I had my faithful laptop with me, I didn’t get to go online much except to check my email occasionally.

    It was my first white Christmas spent with my family in the northeast, since I retired to Florida back in 1993, so it was, indeed, a very unique and merry experience for me. All of my past 16 Christmases have been celebrated in Florida and the Philippines.

    I hope that you and your partner had a very merry Christmas as well and that Santa was good to the both of you.

    I wish you and yours all good things in the New Year ahead. Perhaps 2010 will bring good news to those of us in the LGBT cmmunity.

    Lord knows, we could certainly use some good news. ;P

  • terrwill

    No. 36 · schlukitz: Glad Hollydays were merry. I don’t think my mind would be able to comprehend the equasion of Christmas + 86 degrees! And you hit the nail on the provobial head. 2009 was pretty much a stinker for our community, started off with the great black hope in Obama and then the rose garden he promised turned into a dusty lot with dying dandelions………
    Here’s to 2010 actually being a 10!!

    No. 35 · 1EqualityUSA: Thanks!

  • Tom

    If someone took a bullwhip to him and stripped every shred of skin off his loathsome body, it would be far better treatment than this POS deserves, G-d forbid.

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