Yes Homo

The 10 Gayest Moments in Hip-Hop History

Despite a new generation of rappers making excuses for back-handed homophobic remarks in hip-hop (Nicki Minaj called us softies; while Tyler, the Creator got around to ordering our caskets), there’s no denying that the genre has had its moments of homoeroticism more obvious that DMX telling us to “suck his dick” in 1999’s “Party Up (in Here).”

In April, DJ Mister Cee, the man responsible for kickstarting Notorious B.I.G.’s career by producing the late rapper’s first album, was arrested for public lewdness–getting a blowjob from another man inside a vehicle, to be precise. The hip-hop world jumped up in his defense (and the defense of fellatio-loving fellas everywhere) and even homo-questionable 50 Cent had something nice to say (kind of).

Just weeks later, Berkeley rapper Lil B made headlines at Coachella after declaring that his new album was going to be titled I’m Gay, even though he is not gay, despite Tweeting that he was going to fuck Kanye West in the ass (his words, not ours). GLAAD thinks this might be just some big marketing gimmick, one that involves death threats.

All we need now is for Trey Songz to release another shirtless music video, and 2011 will be pants-down the gayest year in hip-hop history. Even gayer than when…