CNN’s Brooke Baldwin spoke with David Cooley, the owner of West Hollywood’s famed Abbey, about the bar’s recent ban on bachelorette parties. Cooley frames it as a sociopolitical issue, saying, “It’s great to see my straight women coming in celebrating with their girlfriends… [but] it was hurtful to me being gay, as well as my clientele, that we cannot have that same type of celebration.”

Baldwin, who’s marvelous at framing questions to challenge any flaws in an interviewee’s reasoning, asks Cooley if, in the quest for non-discrimination of gays, isn’t banning a heterosexual celebration discrimination?

“It’s not that I’m discriminating against the women coming in, it’s just a ban against bachlorette parties…. It’s a ban against just the celebration itself,” not the women.

Despite Cooley’s best efforts to frame this as a call for equality, any regular gay bargoer who has been accosted by a bachelorette party knows what this is really about: Those women are annoying as all hell! Gay bars are by definition places where gay men go to seek out the company of other gay men, and to find drunken lovin’.

A bachelorette party’s success is defined how much scandalous, naughty debauchery can be stuffed into one evening like a bride into her too-tight wedding dress. Gay bars are our everyday life. We don’t like be treated as a novelty act when we’re out trying to flirt with guys. A gaggle of giggling women desperate to get wacky with us is like a bucket of ice cold water diffusing the sexual energy.


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