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The Airline Purposefully Hiring Trans Women To Hand Out Peanuts + Pretzels

The new Thai airline P.C. Air isn’t just committed to getting you to where you need to be safely and on time. It also wants to make sure the flight attendants walking down the aisle represent the country’s trans community. The airline set a quota to ensure it would have trans staffers among its 30 new hires, and the company says it met its goal: three trans women are now part of the crew, alongside 17 cis-women and 10 men. That’s a 10 percent trans staff! Passengers have the best chance of recognizing Thanyarat “Film” Jiraphatpakorn (pictured), 23, winner of 2007’s trans beauty pageant Miss Tiffany. P.C. Air has purposefully been reaching out to trans job applicants, setting up shop in a Bangkok mall and encouraging members of the “third sex” to apply. Not that everybody will be so accommodating: So that MTF trans employees have fewer problems going through immigration, their name tags will be adorned with the “third sex” branding, because legally they are still considered men.

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