The Ban On Gender Identity Discrimination Probably Won’t Save Your Job

Unless you’re one of the estimated 16,848 full-time equivalent employees hired by the U.S. Department Of Labor, their recent ban on gender identity discrimination won’t protect you at your state, local, or private job. And seeing as ENDA has no chance of passing this year, we’ll still have to lobby individual companies and cities to protect the untold number of trans-and-intersex employees everywhere else.

But if you are a federal employee, well then golly gee you’re in luck. Not only do the new policies protect gender identity, but also pregnancy. So, it’s a double-win if you’re a pregnant FtM.

Also, there was a teeny bit of confusion in the Queerty office when we read Autostraddle’s headline about the Department of Labor’s new policy: “Equal Employment For Some Gay People, Also Badass Mariachi Otter Wallflowers.” Despite how that sounds, the equal employment rules do not actually apply to otters; the otter news is, in fact, entirely separate. But you should still go check it out, because it’s super-cute.

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  • Kate Bornstein

    Thank you, darling, for this morning’s brew of news and views. Bitter… fierce… with three snaps. Yum. kiss kiss, Kate

  • Cam

    Congrats to the Federally employed Trangendered folks. Continuing steps int he right direction for everybody!

  • Lonnie

    It’s called “Toss the Queers a Crumb and Watch Them Cream Their Pants”. The Democrats love doing it.

  • Lonnie

    When 5 people out of 9 million (at least) get rights, it’s not “steps in the right direction.” It’s bullshit. Learn to know the difference, Cam. Pull your face away from Obama’s ass and look at the thousands of unemployed, starving, homeless queers in this country.

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