Mike Mohill (pictured left), a city councilman in Glendale, California, has been battling in recent weeks with colleague John Drayman (right) — who found it necessary to tell everyone that back in the 1980s that Mohill was arrested on lewd sex charges. Something about playing dirt before the heated election coming up on April 5? So last night, Mohill turned the tables on his city council nemesis, and went public with his sexuality. And his sex crimes. Oh, and Drayman’s rumored sexuality, too.

Though Mohill has been married since 1977, he told the council he is gay, and two of his decades-old crimes amounted to cruising for gay sex in public. (He pleaded no contest and served probation and paid a fine both times, but didn’t serve time.) He was also arrested for trespassing. But don’t expect him to get a divorce anytime soon: Mohill says his wife, who took the mic before he did last night, has known he is gay since his late 80s arrests, and pair have a “marriage in which we share a powerful affection and respect for each other.” But that wasn’t Mohill’s’ biggest bomb against Drayman. No, the biggest bomb was when he accused Drayman of being a closet fag himself! Reports Patch (which uses the term “sexual preference”):

Mohill went on to rail against Drayman, who he blames for making this campaign “personal” rather than “public.” Mohill claims that, for his part, his criticisms have been directed only toward Drayman’s public life, rather than his personal life. Mohill then went on to state Drayman is “reputed to be gay himself.”

To conclude, Mohill said “I would hope this statement would satisfy […] lewd curiosity. I’m not so naive as to believe this statement, as agonizing as it, will not severely hurt my election chances. How badly, only time will tell.”

Does this mean Drayman will have to answer not only for his personal attacks on Mohill, but also for Mohill’s allegations that Drayman is also a gay?

Gay-on-gay personal attacks are not good for our community, people! But they are good for political theater. Glendale just got a whole lot more interesting.

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