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The Difference Between An Adam Lambert Concert And a Too $hort Rap Show

If you go to an Adam Lambert concert, you can pretty much expect the pop singer will pick a male audience member out of the crowd to check if he has oral herpes, as he does at this concert in Sydney. But what happens when you go to a Too $hort rap show in San Francisco? You get two dudes on stage to record a brand new single “We From The Bay, Bitch.”

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  • Alex

    Pretty sure this is only the second time it’s ever happened (during the concert, that is); let’s not get our hopes up. Most of the time, we just get to see him mack on the gorgeous Tommy Joe.

  • Roo

    Just so you know – he doesn’t do it every time. Adam Lambert has done over 90 shows as part of his Glamnation Tour. Twice – just twice – has he gone into the audience and kissed a dude who isn’t his bass player.

  • kerrie

    I really don’t think he cares what anyone thinks… clearly his fans are crazy about him and anything he does, which is all that matters.



  • Fluffygrl

    Adam’s concerts are amazing. His voice just has to be heard live to appreciate it…I was next to the kissee: gorgeous guy who was giving as good as he got. Only second time Adam has ‘tongue-dived’ at a concert, and the audience went wild.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Too $hort is still working? Seriously? Who’s on tour next–K-9 Posse?

  • SBC19

    Eh. I don’t get the comparison here. I was assuming that there would be some sort of ironic similarity between the Adam Lambert’s concert clip and the Too $hort’s concert clip (I half expected the 2 white guys on stage with T$ were gonna make out or something), but from what I see there is none.

  • Lini

    Who in heck is Too Short? I’d watch Adam anyday but (c)rap? Nope! No matter what they did on stage.

  • loril

    That was an amazing clip of Adam and his band. Watching it felt like you were right there with the audience having a fantastic time. Did you hear the girl at the end say that was amazing and her friend agree.
    To Short Rap show gimme a break!

  • Has Been

    There is no difference – they’re both lame. And Adam is cringeworthy with his (un)shocking kissing stunts – it just screams,”Hey, look at me! Aren’t I shocking and edgy?!” I’m glad to see an openly gay artist out there (even if I don’t like his music), but enough with the gimmicks.

  • Xtincta

    How and the hell are these two events related? Talk about grasping for straws. And Too $hort>>>>Adam, yeah I said it!

  • alan brickman

    so much jealous on here!!!!…..

  • Mark

    Who needs the straights to bully us gays? This site is doing an admirable job on its own.

  • Random Medley

    I guess you can put this in the comparing apples to oranges category. Rapping and singing have little in common. Choreography and free form leaping around the stage are also strange to compare. Whatever I guess you were stretching looking for hits.

    Both (all two of them) of the times that Adam kissed a fanboy he also kissed a fangirl. No mention of that here. Of course no one should be kissing anyone because of germs and journalists/bloggers.

  • eddie

    Adam Lambert just lost points. 1. his outfit (he looks like a f&KI#G power ranger with a muffin top) and 2. The kiss was screaming give me herpes rightnow. (gross)

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