PATRICK STEWART, IAN MCKELLENThe ever-delightful Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have a new X-Men movie coming out soon, and we are awfully pleased to see that they’re doing publicity together. They’re just the world’s cutest couple.

Nothing too Earth-shattering comes out of this BBC interview, aside from a few adorable moments as we’ve come to expect whenever these two team up. Ian makes Patrick giggle at a bathroom joke, and then they speak sagely about the pleasures of old age.

Sir Ian also mentions that Bryan Singer convinced him to be in the first X-Men film because he could identify with the mutants “as a gay man.” He notes that the X-Men comics tend to be read by disenfranchised minorities — the idea of overcoming ostracism clearly resonates with readers.

“There seems to be an awful lot of technology that takes over your life. You don’t seem to be able to contact people except through all these machines.”

Sir Ian also dismisses Nigel Farage, a name that might not be familiar to Americans. He’s a crazy-conservative British politician who recently said that Britons over 70 are uncomfortable with homosexuality — a claim that certainly isn’t borne out by these two interview subjects. Farage also recently noted that people would feel uncomfortable if a bunch of Romanians moved in next door, saying “We want an immigration policy that is not just based on controlling not just quantity but quality.” Good grief.

At any rate, the movie comes out May 23rd, though frankly we’d rather just watch these two old friends chatting about their lives than bustling about in a superhero film.

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