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The Mind/Body Connection: Mentally Preparing Yourself Before Your Workout

SethBefore you start that quest to become a shirtless Brad Pitt in Fight Club, I need you to think about something.  

Your mind is the master of your body.  

I have heard the “lack of willpower” and “girl, I got lazy” excuses… let’s say… more than a few times. However, that’s the condition. What is the cause?  The cause is that we haven’t developed a clear vision, concept and belief in our new body. 

Instead, we mindlessly curl, squat and run into someone’s vision for our body. We develop no personal connection to the end goal. Also, many of us unfortunately run around with warped negative perceptions of our bodies and abilities. Then when times get tough, we fold like a cheap deck of cards.  It’s a new year and we need a new truth.

In my experience, you must connect the mind to the body to achieve significant and long-lasting results. It’s also my experience that all the people I’ve met with truly bangin’ bodies having either knowingly or unknowingly connected their minds to their bodies.

Here are two of many powerful ways to do that: First, grab a paper and pen (no computer or phone) and write out every detail of your ideal body: What does it look like?  What does it feel like? What it is like to move in this body? What do other people think and say about this body? Write specifically about each body part. There are absolutely no limitations here. Set aside any negative beliefs you have about yourself or your abilities. Go for it. Play make-believe.

Group-Shot1-360x2211Next write affirmations and claim your new body.  Such as: “I will be lean and fit” and “I will have a bigger chest” or “I will have an ass of death.” You get the idea. (Bonus: eliminate “will” and just claim the entire thing now. After all, there is no time but the present.)

Now, here is the easiest part. I want you to read the description of your body and speak the affirmations daily. When you do this you are connecting your mind to your body and visualizing the results that you want to achieve.  If you do this consistently over time, your workouts will improve and your mission will become engrained in your mind and body.  You will begin to believe in your abilities and the results will follow.  

Pretty soon your “make-believing” will turn into pure belief in yourself and your resolution will become part of you DNA. It is the ancient art of visualization and manifestation broken down for fitness.  

It worked for me. The most powerful physical transformation I ever created for myself started from my mind. Happy New Years.

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