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The Only Time You’ll Ever See Anderson Cooper Posing With a Rainbow Flag

Yesterday I spotted professional closet case Anderson Cooper with a rainbow flag. Maybe you did too? Because he was standing in front of a lovely segment graphic for a story on that “all faggots must die” comment left by somebody in Sen. Saxby Chambliss’ office.

My goodness this story is getting a lot of play. And maybe it should? The timing was pretty terrible: The posting came on the same day Chambliss voted against a DADT repeal. And federal staffers leaving hate speech around the web? Pretty douchey.

But I do love that Anderson is breaking down how basic Internet access works, in case you’re actually so stupid to have done what the Chambliss staffer did: Ever computer has an IP address. They are recorded when you visit a website. Including when you leave a comment. Then, with a too like this one, you can immediately trace an IP address to whatever computer it’s been assigned to, and voila, you can find all the .gov computers coming to your site. (Queerty, I’m told, receives “thousands” of requests every day from computers belonging to state and federal governments, law enforcement, and military groups.)

So what does everyone even want to happen once the hunt to find Chambliss’ staffer — or Chambliss himself! wouldn’t that be rich — completes? FIRE HIM! Or something. But what about his First Amendment rights? Can the government fire a government employee for exercising his right to free speech? Well we can sidestep that whole debate, since there are minor offenses here (using work-slash-taxpayer computers for personal use) and major ones (publishing hate speech).

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  • Jake the libertarian

    I might be in the minority here, but I don’t begrudge the Silver Fox for not being public about his sexuality. The man is not truly in the closet. He lives with his partner. His family knows. His friends know. The only people he seems not to talk to about it are people who don’t care about him and only want something out of him, i.e the general public (especially the gays)

    Granted, it would be nice to have him out and public about his sexuality, but as it stands, I am proud to have him as a member of our community.

    Begin the hate!

  • Ian

    I’m sick of that Prada wearing Vanderbilt on-air closet case. Grow a pair for once in your life Anderson, and come out to the public that watch your dead-pan show.

  • Michael

    I realize this is a story about Anderson Cooper, but as an aside, you pose the question; “Can the government fire a government employee for exercising his right to free speech?” The short answer is, yes, they can, provided the the firing is consistent with stated and known directives of the office with regard to the use of the computer. This has been tested and upheld by the courts many times. In this case, whether or not someone gets fired, depends on the boss; Saxby Chambliss. Whether or not the boss gets fired, is up to the voters.

  • Devin

    Ripping on Anderson Cooper is beginning to get ridiculous. I will rescind my comment if someone can demonstrate evidence that Cooper has been questioned in the past and said “No, I’m not gay/I am straight” in response.

    There are many celebrities who keep quiet on their partners. Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce/Jaz-Z come to mind immediately. But nobody wants to talk about straights keeping mum on their love lives.

    Give it a rest.

  • McMike

    Hmmm, I think I finally figured out WTF is the deal with Queerty. 1st off, we have some dumb ass making the original posting who can’t seem to comprehend punctuation and can’t seem stop bitching about such total crap since Anderson is NOT in the closet. Just because he doesn’t wear a rainbow flag posted on his forehead doesn’t mean he’s hiding who he is. Maybe is NOBODY’S business.

    However, I’ve been wondering about Queerty’s rating system since it seems to get hijacked by one person. The first person’s comment, IMO, is right on the money but goes against the author of this piece. Now the 2nd poster sounds a lot, as in “IS”, the author since they have the same uneducated, whiny crap going on and now the 1st poster has two ‘thumbs down’.

    Queerty is quickly becoming not only an annoyance but 100% pathetic.

    Either employ people who, if they’re going to be writing news items, at least know the correct use of commas, hire people who don’t complain about the most inane shit and lost the rating system or lose a lot of readers.

  • Chris H

    @McMike: please leave then. You spout the same bullshit in every fucking piece.

    Quit whining about this site and get your news elsewhere. And don’t forget to find your tin foil hat too.

    I come to this site for left bending queer news, and a healthy debate on social and political issues. I don’t necessarily like everything that is posted (a la bashing Gaga and throwing Target under the bus) and I definitely don’t like all of the comments that are posted (i.e. you, Jason, and AdMan), but while I disagree, I keep coming back because I don’t expect everything to pander to my every wish.

  • SteamPunk

    Jared Polis is a smart guy, but he should also point out how easy it is to “spoof” IP addresses to make it seem like the computer is in another office or home in the neighborhood. It’s unlikely that this is what happened – especially since Chambliss already admitted it came from his office – but it certainly does happen.

    I’ve “spoofed” IP addresses so I can watch the BBC Player, which is only available over in the UK; and I know friends in Spain who’ve done so to watch Hulu, which is only available in the US. The RIAA even admitted it’s a problem as they sue users for downloading illegal music.

    Not that it matters much, since Chambliss have admitted his office’s responsibility. However, if you’re gonna nerd it up by talking about IP addresses and such, then go all the way :)

  • alan brickman

    just come out and get on with your life already Anderson….

  • A.G.

    @Jake the libertarian: Well said.
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Live and let live.

  • Scott

    @Ian: Prada, Vanderbilt.
    There’s no envy in your resentment, is there?

  • Kev C

    @Michael: “Can the government fire a government employee for exercising his right to free speech?” The short answer is, yes, they can”

    Can CNN fire an employee for exercising his right to free speech, ie, come out? The short answer is yes, they can. I don’t blame Anderson for wanting to keep his job. And even if CNN supported their openly gay employees (questionable), they still have to answer to the public and ratings.

  • Soupy

    I personally love Cooper as an anchor and reporter and god knows he has to walk a very fine line to remain professional and objective at times. What surprises me is that no right wing loonie has outed him on air during an interview. One the other night accused him of being anti-christian, so why don’t they haul out the big gun of the right? Would CNN edit it out?

  • Ian

    @Scott: Not in terms of $$$ resentment as you were implying. What I meant was that he is yet another in a long line of old money elites who live above the rules of society. He could actually contribute so MUCH for gay youth in America by coming out, but what does he care about them? It’s not like they can get into his rich dinner parties that he attends etc. I hope that someone DOES simply call him out on it on his show, no doubt he will chicken-shit himself and state to go immediately to commercial and the guest will be gone like it never happened when they come back on air. A person who is afraid to come out of the closet and be who they are, I don’t care about the circumstances, YOU ARE A CHICKEN-SHIT PURE AND SIMPLE.

  • maxpower


    He doesn’t have a responsibility to anyone but himself. Heaven forbid a gay man doesn’t devote himself totally to gay issues. You are a self righteous hypocrite, the Eddie Long of the comments section.

  • mk

    @Ian: He’s not living above the rules of society. There’s no rule of society that straight or gay news people must open up about their personal lives or sexuality to the public. News people from more modest beginnings can and often do omit mention of their own sexuality and dating or hook ups in broadcasts and interviews.

    Anderson Cooper’s background, New York upbringing and gay friendly family mean he is not going to be able to relate on a deep personal level to kids growing up in working class conservative families in red states and attending public school. That’s nobody’s fault, just a matter of what you’re born into. Those red state kids don’t have the basis to relate on a deep personal level with starving villagers in Niger, they don’t share the same life histories at all and that’s just the way it is.

    What’s egregious to me is a gay news guy like Shep Smith who comes from a regular family in a conservative southern town that would give him direct personal insight into the struggles of gay kids in that environment, yet works for republican political war machine FOX and even bearded some before lapsing into not discussing his personal life with the public.

  • Ian

    @maxpower: You’d make a perfect apologetic lobbyist for the HRC. All kissing up, all the time to those who try to keep LGBT Americans down. Well I will tell you the same as I told the HRC when they tried to hit me up for a donation, SHOVE YOUR SANCTIMONEOUS ATTITUDE and come back when you’ve actually DONE something for us, instead of apologizing for the status-quo.

  • Ian

    @mk: Good point about Shep Smith, I’ve never understood how he’s wanted to stay on that hate-mongering network ever since it first came on the air.

  • Ian

    @maxpower: Oh yeah I forgot in my last point to you, a hypocrite is someone who does the opposite of what they say. I am OUT moron, he isn’t. Thus your accusation has no merit, if you still don’t believe me look the word up in a dictionary.

  • Ian

    @Jake the libertarian: Your calling him “Silver Fox” says it all for those who want to give him a pass, you find him cute and you fantasize about him, thus want to give your imaginary boyfriend a pass. Pathetic, all it takes is some nice dimples for some gay men…

  • Jake the libertarian

    @Ian: Just as an FYI, I do find him hot as shit and I would let him do everything to me =)=)=)

    And I’m not giving him a pass. If he lambasted against gays or was living some kind of lie, I might agree with you… but he isn’t. He just doesn’t answer to bitches like you who demand he talk about something in his public life. He has professional reasons for not discussing being gay, and they make sense. You just want something out if him and I don’t blame him for not putting himself at risk to make you feel better.

  • Ian

    @Jake the libertarian: Oh but what about your dear imaginary boyfriend feeling “better” about himself, when he ignores the societal impact his coming out might have had on some gay teens who have killed themselves in despair that otherwise might have been averted if they had someone to look up to as an example. Ellen Degeneres will apparently always have more balls than Mr. AC360.

  • Ian

    @Ian: Wow, my comment about being a responsible leader in the gay community and how gay teens commit suicide in higher rates than their straight peers and their need to have out leaders got me a thumbs down from someone. I guess for some gay men having their sex fantasies about Anderson Cooper is WAY more important than the epidemic of gay teens and kids who commit suicide.

  • Chris H

    @Ian: Maybe it’s you using scare tactics and inappropriate and overblown conclusions that have people thumbing you down.

    No one’s going to argue that suicide isn’t a problem. No one’s going to argue that people should be able to live their lives openly. But please don’t try to pin every queer suicide on one person. It’s irresponsible and egregious.

    I’m not apologizing for AC or anyone else for that matter. But if you really want a cause to put your anger productively towards, try changing the culture that forces these people to stay in their glass closets. Don’t attack the people who are living their lives.

  • Ian

    @Chris H: That’s just the point, the problem IS the solution. Gay people need to come OUT of those glass closets of which you speak. If every gay person in the US military came out tomorrow, DADT would be immediately repealed. You equate to me what sounds like when jewish people used to change their names to sound anglican. John Stewart is also guilty of this, although he does not hide that his real last name is Leibowitz, you will also notice he has not ever changed it back.

    So yes, those who are adults and continue to hide DO deserve to have the spotlight put on them for being COWARDS pure and simple. And not simply cowards they are also failures in being leaders to the next generation of queers.

  • Jake the libertarian

    @Ian: God you are a judgmental bitch.

  • Chris H

    @Ian: Anderson Cooper isn’t a queer activist. His job is not to be a “leader” to young queers. He’s simply a television news reporter who also happens to be gay.

    He didn’t ask to become the next Harvey Milk, and his job as a news reporter spans past queer issues. Not everyone wants to be the president of the United States, and it’s a little sick to expect that out of everyone.

    He is not an actor, and not a hollywood celebrity. His job, his duty, and his image are that of an unbiased news reporter. And, as such, his image is naturally a-sexual.

    His news show is not the type where he interjects his opinion and his commentary, he’s not a Rachel Maddow, and thus he has no need to define what his background is so others will understand his opinions.

    Some people just want to do their jobs.

  • Ian

    @Jake the libertarian: And I stand by the observation that you make a far better HRC apologist than either you or A.C. could ever hope to be an out member of the Mattachine Society back in the 1960’s, which required both guts and fortitude to be out then. What’s celebrities like A.C.’s excuse in today’s age where Marriage Equality, ENDA, & the end of DADT are on the cusp of reality?

  • Ian

    @Chris H: I interpret ”
    Some people just want to do their jobs” as “Some people just want the easy road and to duck down when it’s their time to help and/or serve their community.” Have you not seen the impact that Ellen Degeneres’ coming out has had on lesbians and young queers who came out after her? A.C. could do the same thing, but chooses not to. That tells me more about his moral fortitude than anything else he could do to benefit others on the too little time we have on this earth.

  • Geoff

    His life – his decision, none of our business, simple as that!

  • nineinchnail

    His sexuality is his own issue. Its none of our business really. FWIW he is very sexy.

  • Ian

    @nineinchnail: @Geoff: @Chris H: @Jake the libertarian: @mk: @maxpower: @Scott: These kids either attempted suicide or are DEAD:
    Who knows, maybe if someone in the public eye like Anderson Cooper was OUT and maybe a role model to look up to, kids such as the incredibly sad stories above might still be alive. Is that fair to be put on one person or persons? No, but sometimes as I said before when you are called to leadership you either accept the call or duck & hide, as Anderson does now.

    I’m sorry though, I forgot that you are all going to apologize for him and those celebrities like him and excuse them from the good that they could do but choose not to. BTW, his show isn’t on right now so you can all pull up your pants after your thoughts of your imaginary boyfriend gives you excuse after excuse to make up for “hot” celebs or people in positions that could really impact society if they were just to come OUT. SHAME on the lot of you.

  • rrr

    @ Ian

    If your goal is to reach gay teens you should be focusing on getting teen popular guys like Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner out of the closet not a cable news guy who’s in his 40s.

    Cooper has a background no average kid could identify with, cable news gets low ratings compared to other TV and it doesn’t draw the youth, and Cooper’s a neutral anchor who’s clearly not going to play the social activist role that actors are free to play from a professional standpoint. And Cooper never masquerades as straight. He dates his boyfriends in public and talks about plainly gay interests all the time on TV. He’s not lying or parading around female dates like Zac.

  • Paul the 13th

    I disagree with most of the comments on this article. I think Anderson is being very selfish in his approach to keep quiet about his sexuality. It may not be nobody’s business but it doesn’t have to be anybody’s business for his story and the like to have a impact on someone else’s life in a positive way.

    The other day I was watching the Oprah Winfrey show about a gay man, Mike Sisco, who was the victim of homophobia and hatred back in 1987 in West Virgina when he was shunned by his community for being gay and having AIDS. At the end of the show Oprah showed the impact Mike Sisco’s coming out had on another gay man across the country in California. Mike’s sharing of his story had helped the gay man in California accept himself and be comfortable in his own skin and he inspired him to become a nurse with the hope of one day working with AIDS patients.

    Ellen Degeneres and the sharing of her story inspired Chely Wright, the country music singer, to come out to her family whose father at first wasn’t accepting of her homosexuality. It wasn’t until Chely gave her father a book by Betty Degeneres, Ellen’s mom, about her coming to accept her daughter’s sexuality that it inspired Chely’s father to rethink his stance on homosexuality. Stories like that and many others in my own personal life tells me that being open and honest about who you are is the best way to live your life. I am proud of my gay brothers and sisters that take a stand and inspire others with the sharing of their lives.

    True Anderson Cooper doesn’t owe anybody a explanation about his life and he is entitled to live his life however he sees fit but it takes true courage to be open and honest about who you are to the world when that same world tells you your not worthy of being loved or validated. Not every public figure or person possesses that type of courage.

    Anderson Cooper has a right to be selfish if he wants, but that doesn’t make him someone I would like to admire or want to emulate.

  • Roy

    Things sure have changed on this site. A couple of years ago if there was an article about Anderson here, the majority of the commenters would be labeling him a worthless, cowardly closet case who should be outed because his silence was hurting the gay community. Although I understand some of the points of the people who believe he should come out, I’ve always felt that he has to do whatever was right for his own life and he has stuck to his guns about living his life exactly the way he chooses, regardless of the criticism.

  • Rob

    The only thing any journalist, actor, etc. owes us is a good job in his or her chosen field, nothing more. The only problem I have are with those that beard or thwart gay issues publicly, otherwise public orientation is strictly a personal issue. If they go about their daily lives without bearding or thwarting gay issues and choose not to speak on their personal lives, none of us should have a problem with that since it’s their business, not ours.

  • Marcus

    @Jake the libertarian: @Rob:

    Just so I’m clear: If he doesn’t want to come out publicly, that’s cool. Fine by me. That’s his problem. He should just know that since he’s in, he fosters this kind of reporting and gossip.

    If I say he’s gay, I’m not going to accused of outing him, correct?

    People keep saying to quit outing him, and “it’s his business,” but he seems to be living an open life to me.

  • mk

    @Paul the 13th: Ellen came from an unaccepting area and an unaccepting family. When she came out she was thrown out of the family home and asked her not to come near the family’s young children. There was an eventual journey towards acceptance and understanding.

    Ellen first of all has those powerful personal experiences to motivate her and second of all has those experiences as something kids in prejudiced families and their parents can relate to and use as a guide.

    Anderson Cooper doesn’t have that. He’s an old money New Yorker with a fashion industry mom and his family had close famous gay friends. His mother went against social custom lots in her own personal life. Anderson’s the longtime apple of his mother’s eye. It’s nice when anyone comes out, but in terms of sexuality and trauma/conflict/attitude development over sexuality he has about the least helpful story I can imagine. What’s the lesson of his story supposed to be, “be born at the right place to the right people”?

    I don’t think it’s sensible that this kind of discussion concentrates so totally on Anderson Cooper when there are other people in national news who aren’t public about their sexuality and would have stories more relatable and helpful to people dealing with homophobia in the family, school and community. It seems like it’s only because he’s good looking and comes from a famous highbrow family. Like people here have pointed out, though, average looking commoner Ellen has made a major impact. Most of the other people I can think of who have made a really major impact have unimpressive looks and an unimpressive family name, maybe partly because they seem so normal and average people can see themselves in them. When you look at famous strong American gay rights activists like Ellen and Rachel Maddow or even Dan Savage they come from middle to low class homophobic families with conservative social views, which makes sense in terms of instilling the idea that you have to be forceful over your sexuality and battle for acceptance and in providing activists with emotional stories they feel moved to share.

  • Jake the libertarian

    @Marcus: I don’t think I have a problem with websites like this one or even a news organization reporting on the fact that he’s gay. Its a fact, and one that he hasn’t denied (that i am aware of).

    I am just saying that the hated and judgment that comes from some in our camp is not only unwarranted but actually harmful to our cause. AC doesn’t discuss he is gay for professional reasons. I am not out at work either (even though i know that most people i work with are aware that I am gay). I don’t “live a lie” or anything like that, but I have my reasons for keeping my private and public life separate.

    People like Ian up there are not helpful toward our cause. People like AC are… I like the man… I like him personally (although i don’t know him) and professionally. Like I said above, I think he is a wonderful person to have in our camp. He makes me feel good about being a gay man in America. Bitchy revolutionary queens like Ian don’t.

  • Jake the libertarian

    ^ LOL! Hi Ian

  • Paul the 13th

    @mk: With all due respect, but your post doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t think any of us know the impact Anderson’s life story could have on another person’s life. Ironically, Anderson felt the same way regarding this issue when he opened up about the death of his suicidal brother. Why did he open up and shared the story of his suicidal brother? He had no problem talking about his brother.

    We don’t know what impact his story could have. Maybe his story would inspire a young gay man somewhere to be a news anchor who might have thought that wasn’t possible for gays. Maybe his story will inspire someone to be comfortable in their own skin because they see him being out and proud of who he is. Maybe his story will bring some suicidal gay teen from the brink of killing themselves. We don’t know what impact his story could have and I doubt we’ll ever find out because Anderson will never come out to the public. There are many ways his story could impact someone’s life.

    Given the fact that gays are still fighting for their civil rights and being gay in many segments of our society is still unacceptable its dumbfounding to me how you (and the three losers that thumbs downed my post) could not see the impact Anderson’s story could have. If he chooses to tell his story or not that’s his business but if he doesn’t then in my eyes he’s a selfish prick that isn’t worth my support. I could care less about Anderson looks. My argument against AC has nothing to do with his looks but everything to do with his selfish mentality and cowardice.

    And what do you mean you don’t think “it’s sensible that this kind of discussion is totally concentrated on Anderson”? The discussion is on Anderson because he is the topic of this article. Plain and simple.

  • McMike

    @Chris H: Dude, you’re totally see through. As in “hijacker” and/or “employee”. If you’re maybe too clueless to realize the rating on my posting was evenly divided which indicates it wasn’t hijacked. However, somehow, 10 people agree with you while only person disagrees. You’re not too bright are you? I’ve worked in plenty of offices before and I’ve worked in more than a few that I could easily access 20 different computers whenever I wanted.

    And tinfoil hat??? Anytime you want to match wits and/or intellect let’s have at it but until then, piss off you dumb-f*ck.

  • McMike

    btw, this thread is the prime example of someone hijacking the rating system and, Chris H, it’s obviously you. The ratings are way too lop-sided, as in “10” versus “0”, to actually be founded in reality. The one thing I know better than you, Chris H my dear, is numbers and logic when it comes to numbers and there’s just no way EVERYONE is agreeing or disagreeing on every single posting. It’s called a ‘percentage of chance’ and the chance 15 people are on the same page about every posting is bullshite.

    Chris, if you’d like to match wits when it comes to numbers I would more than welcome for you to try my friend.

  • Chris H

    @McMike: The fact that you think I actually work for queerty is what makes me laugh even more about your tin-foil hat.

    I have no association whatsoever with this publication or any other for that matter.

    Don’t believe me?, ask queerty for all my IP addresses and geo-locate them. They originate from Miami, FL, Ithaca, NY, and Greenville, SC. My 3 places of residence. I’m pretty sure NONE of those places is queerty head-quarters. I’m not in the business of lying, and I have nothing to prove to you dude. I don’t need my ego stroked by logging in to a bunch of computers to artificially “thumb myself up.”

    But you’re an ignorant dick. And so of course when you spew your bullshit, you expect everyone to lap it out of your asshole. And guess what? When people genuinely don’t like what you have to say? They thumb you down. It’s a simple concept.

    For real, I’m pretty sure the satellites are watching you. And don’t use a cellphone, because the government is tracking them.

  • McMike

    This is the last I’m posting about this but I wanted to refer to Ian’s comment #24.

    He made some brilliant and spot-on observations and, gee, since he’s disagreeing with you, Chris H, somehow everyone thinks he’s wrong. You know, I do remember running across you and it was the same f’n thing. “Everyone”, as in you and your 10 computers at work, always sides with you. It’s f’n crap man. The worst thing is I bet you work at Queerty. Maybe someone should do exactly what they did in this story… Someone at Queerty needs to follow your IP address and when they discover someone at their own website is hijacking their website and annoying the crap out of everyone else then they need to fire you ass.

    Hey, it’s just a hunch but I bet it’s pretty damn close to the truth.

  • Chris H

    @McMike: You realize you are using statistics in the absolutely MOST CONVOLUTED and inappropriate way imaginable?

    The ratings system is in no way a representative sample of those who read an article. Does this fact not make sense to you?

    To read the comments, to post on the comments, and to rate comments, you’ve got to be either a committed reader, or passionate about your opinion.
    So of course you are only going to get extremes.

    It’s like trying to quote statistics on American beliefs after you’ve only polled the Westboro Baptist Church because they were the only ones picketing.

  • counterpoll

    Anyone who believes that celebrities coming out publicly will reduce the number of LGBT youth suicides or suicide gestures/attempts is engaging in wishful thinking that has no basis in the facts on the ground.

    The number of celebrities who come out publicly has never been higher, yet the number of LGBT youth suicides continues to climb every year.

    Believing that AC coming out publically will reduce the rate of self-harm is a far stretch.

    The likely effect of him coming out on TV/in print would be to increase the number of media/journalists who follow suit = a good thing, but there’s no clear logical or statistical link to youth depression or self-injurious behavior.

  • Chris H

    @McMike: If we wanted to get really conspiracy theory on this, maybe YOU are logging in to 10 computers to thumb DOWN the people who disagree with me, only so YOU can then come on here and point it out as part of your argument.

    Wow, now it’s just a hunch, but I bet it’s pretty damn close to the truth.

  • McMike

    @Chris H: Or you’ve got to be a troll or an employee at Queerty that has nothing better to do. As I suspected and thank you for proving it for me. So, since within seconds you were disagreeing with what I’ve said and placing ratings on it. So far there’s only one thumbs-down but I’d bet the farm within another minute or two I’ll have at least another one.

    And, btw, the rating SHOULD be a sample of the people who read the article. It shouldn’t be one pathetic person who seems to think they have a right to censor what other people read and that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing but placing so many ‘thumbs down’ on other people’s postings.

    It’s unreal you’re talking about extremes when, as I’ve just pointed out, you’ve proven my point on how Queerty should get rid of their rating system since someone, as in YOU, is hijacking it since within seconds of me posting it you were already hijacking their website.

    And, if I had a cow to go along with my farm, I’d bet the cow too you’re an employee of Queerty. We might as well throw in the hay and say Queerty doesn’t have a clue you’re hijacking, and thus censoring, their readers.

  • McMike

    @Chris H: If you want to play a game of wits and intellect I’m all for it man. Let’s have at it. You’re a pathetic twat, Chris. You don’t get it, do you. Here, let me go over it again for you:

    Stage 1: I make a comment to you about you hijacking the rating system.

    Stage 2: Within 30 seconds of me making that comment you’ve already placed a ‘thumbs down’ on it.

    Stage 3: You’re exposed.

    Again, I know numbers a hell of a lot better than you do and BOTH instances are statistically impossible of everyone disagreeing with anyone who disagrees with you, with NO ONE agreeing with them, and you, if you weren’t trolling this website 24/7 hijacking it, to make a ‘thumbs down’ on my posting about you making ‘thumbs down’ within 30 seconds of me making my comment about it.

    And, um gee, you can’t be too clueless to realize it’s more than simple to hide your real ISP location. I’d like to know though, how often your ISP location changes and how quickly. I was just amusing myself making comments about you working at Queerty but, my dear Chris, the more you write the more you expose yourself to be who and exactly what I think you are.

  • McMike

    @Chris H: Dude, try to be original. You’re obviously lamer than what I thought if you can’t pull an original comment out of your ass and instead have to do the whole “I’m rubber and you’re glue and whatever you say I’ll use back on you” bullshite.

    Like I said you’re no match for my wits and hardly any fair game when it comes to my capacity to deal with numbers, statistics the logic behind them. Sure, my English skills might not be in the greatest class but, baby, I can run circles around you when it comes to numbers and, as I’ve just stated, the logic that goes along with them.

  • Chris H

    @McMike: I’m going to stop feeding you now.

    But you’re beyond delusional. Read the other comments I have posted on this thread. I AGREED with you on the point of Anderson Cooper, read Post #26.

    You yourself wrote ” total crap since Anderson is NOT in the closet. Just because he doesn’t wear a rainbow flag posted on his forehead doesn’t mean he’s hiding who he is. Maybe is NOBODY’S business.”

    Now suddenly you’re agreeing with Ian on Post #24, who said “So yes, those who are adults and continue to hide DO deserve to have the spotlight put on them for being COWARDS pure and simple. And not simply cowards they are also failures in being leaders to the next generation of queers.”

    So which do you actually believe? Or are you just being contrary.

    And you know, there’s a little tick box at the bottom of the comment form stating “Subscribe to this entry” which means any time someone posts something new on this thread, I get an e-mail about it. Doesn’t that put a little damper in your argument?

    This ends now. I have already played your little witch hunt game. Go rabble rouse your mob now.

  • McMike

    @counterpoll: Are you serious??? You honestly don’t think having out and proud well known people gay children can look up to and relate to would help them deal with the homophobic bullshite people dish out to them.

    Tell you what, name me one A-list male movie actor or one A-list male singer who is out and proud.

    For every A-list male male movie star you can name me I can give you 20 that are in the closet. People learn from example and you can’t learn cope with your own queerness unless you see someone else who’s already done it.

  • counterpoll

    @McMike: you failed to address the disconnect between the growing #s of youth suici.des/ attempts and the increase in celebrities outing themselves.

    So, by your “logic”, no more celebrities should come out because it will increase the incidence of episodes of LGBT self-injury.

    You’re left with no data and no logic.
    Either way, your data aren’t synching with trends or reality.,

  • ewe

    it was not opinion. it was not even as bad as hate speech. It was a threat. I would like Queerty to give as much attention to closet case Shepherd Smith of Fux Noose Network as it does Anderson Cooper.

  • Paul the 13th

    Inspiring a person with a personal life story doesn’t have to be logical to be effective and in many instances its not logical. If there is a possibility that Anderson sharing his life story can save one gay youth from harming themselves then that is more than enough reasons for him to come out. And as far as I’m aware of there is no statistical evidence to prove that celebrities coming out publicly has any effect on gay youth suicides one way or the other and anyone claiming to be knowledgeable on the subject is being intellectually dishonest and doesn’t have the facts to back up such claims.

    However; there is a possibility that such a scenario could play out which is what I was referring to when I included that example. Since we don’t know how Anderson Cooper’s life story could impact someone else’s life I think its unfair for us to say what his story cannot do. Again those who are claiming to be knowledgeable on the subject are being intellectually dishonest.

    The number of people coming out today may be higher than ever, but in many segments of our society being gay is still seen as something to be shameful about. Rumored to be gay closeted public figures that won’t come out publicly because they’re afraid of what might happen to their careers help reinforce that shame in the social psyche in our society. No wonder the gay youth suicide rate is steadily rising.

    Until MORE individuals come out publicly (and not just public figures but private citizens too) and provide a positive example of what being gay is all about the social psyche will not change. Hearts and minds are not going to change unless folks come out and be proud of who they are. I think its misguided thinking for the gay community to think they will achieve acceptance and not be open and honest about who they are.

  • Ian

    @Paul the 13th: And sadly Queerty just today has two separate stories of two gay teens who have committed suicide due to societal homophobia and both feeling alone due to the continued harrassments. WHERE, speaking in general, is this generations gay leaders to publicly decry these atrocities?

  • Ian

    @McMike: Thanks for the ounce of support :)

  • southpaugh

    @Ian & Paul the 13th
    You guys need to get your facts straight. There have been numerous photographs of Anderson and his boyfriend walking down the street, shopping, at festivals and other events in NYC, some of them holding hands. It’s subtle, I know, but that’s not exactly living in the closet. Being out does not include shouting it from the rooftops, or writing a book about it. The plain facts are that he is out, he is consummately professional, and he picks some damned fine stories that benefit our community within the framework of his profession. He leads by example, albeit not the one you’d prefer. Subtle is good; it takes all kinds to fill up the barrel.

    I agree that the lot of our community improves with each and every voluntary reflexive outting. High profile examples of adjustment, health and success contribute in greater measure. But, it isn’t anybody’s choice but the person who is living the life in question. Railing against Anderson because he doesn’t fit one’s idea of repsonsibility and activism is codepenant, dysfunctional, and irresponsible. Calling those who point out dysfunctional behavior merely exacerbates the offense and doesn’t help anything. We get it you’re upset. Repeating yourself doesn’t make things better, doesn’t solve anything and serves nothing but one’s ego.

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