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The Wheel Of Fortune Gay Who Loves Interior Design, Landing on $10,000 Spaces

First of all, there are transcripts of Wheel Of Fortune episodes? That somehow gives me hope about one day discovering a unicorn. And then there are Gays on Wheel? Talking about their husbands? And it’s no big deal? And producers didn’t rig the wheel to land on bankrupt? Great stuff!

00:00:02: SAJAK: All right, we want to hear the Brent Benedetti story now.

00:00:04: BENEDETTI: I’m recently married to a man who’s been cracking me up for the last ten years. His name is John.

00:00:09: BENEDETTI: Uh, we have a dog named inspector dudley crumbs and a cat named kitty-pants.

00:00:14: SAJAK: Yeah? so do I. Fantastic

00:00:15: SAJAK: Our lives are almost parallel. strange.

00:00:17: BENEDETTI: I love interior design and home staging, and I love to hike and travel in my free time.

00:00:21: SAJAK: All right, good to have you here, Brent.

Especially since Sajak, the uber conservative, loves ranking on the homosessuals given the chance.

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