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The Wheel Of Fortune Gay Who Loves Interior Design, Landing on $10,000 Spaces

First of all, there are transcripts of Wheel Of Fortune episodes? That somehow gives me hope about one day discovering a unicorn. And then there are Gays on Wheel? Talking about their husbands? And it’s no big deal? And producers didn’t rig the wheel to land on bankrupt? Great stuff!

00:00:02: SAJAK: All right, we want to hear the Brent Benedetti story now.

00:00:04: BENEDETTI: I’m recently married to a man who’s been cracking me up for the last ten years. His name is John.

00:00:09: BENEDETTI: Uh, we have a dog named inspector dudley crumbs and a cat named kitty-pants.

00:00:14: SAJAK: Yeah? so do I. Fantastic

00:00:15: SAJAK: Our lives are almost parallel. strange.

00:00:17: BENEDETTI: I love interior design and home staging, and I love to hike and travel in my free time.

00:00:21: SAJAK: All right, good to have you here, Brent.

Especially since Sajak, the uber conservative, loves ranking on the homosessuals given the chance.

[Live Dash, Good As You]

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  • Baxter

    Pat Sajak always struck me as someone who’s really angry about how his life turned out.

  • Republican

    Is this the first mention of a same-sex marriage on Wheel of Fortune? I’ve seen people mention their “partners” and “special friends”, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard any contestant on the show be so open about loving someone of the same sex. WTG, Brent Benedetti!

  • Kevin B

    He makes no mention of homosexuality in this clip. Your point is a complete fail.

    There is another clip of Pat announcing the death of a longtime Wheel staff member on air at the end of the show. Pat mentions that the staff member is survived by his longtime partner and he is visibly tearing as he speaks about this man’s memory.

    Knock yourself out and post that one.

  • Cam

    Ok, first of all, I LOVE that the guy said this on TV, announced his marrige etc… good for him and glad he won a bunch of money. However, those pet names, “a dog named inspector dudley crumbs and a cat named kitty-pants” I’m just surprised that his pets aren’t picketing outside his house. lol

  • scott ny'er

    @Baxter: How his life turned out? I think Pat makes major cash for hosting a game show. It’s such an easy gig. Only Vanna has it better for TOUCHING those tiles as they are electronically lit. So, while Pat may have had higher aspirations (that failed talk show), I think he’s sitting pretty.

  • fredo777

    I didn’t know he was uber conservative, but I have always felt that something was…off about him.

  • Matt

    I never knew that Pat Sajak was such a dick.

  • Baxter

    @scott ny’er: He obviously has it pretty good, but that doesn’t mean he’s happy. Watch the show sometime and you can tell he has obvious contempt for the contestants and the show. Just because you’re financially well off doesn’t mean you’re happy or not disappointed that you weren’t bigger.

  • BobP

    I wonder how many blow jobs Pat had to give Merv to get the job.

  • Hyhybt

    [b]”And producers didn’t rig the wheel to land on bankrupt?”[/b]

    Hey, employment discrimination may be legal, but [i]rigging a game show[/i] is a federal offense. Really.

  • Hyhybt

    Wait, they have a $10,000 space now?

  • el smrtmnky

    @Cam: i know Dudley and Kitty Pants and they love their names.

  • RNP

    Brent (not that Gay guy) is married to my nephue (John). My wife and I traveled 3,000 miles to attend their wedding… We thought for sure we would be the guests who traveled the farthest… Not even close. Then California passes a law saying that their marriage is not really a marriage.. Give California a little time… They will get there. I missed 2 things about Sajack

    00:00:14: SAJAK: Yeah? so do I. Fantastic

    00:00:15: SAJAK: Our lives are almost parallel. strange.

    What was this all about and was this supposed to be funny?

    Also why attach a video clip that says absolutely nothing about Sajak’s position on homosexuality?

  • Hyhybt

    @RNP: Has he stated one on-camera?

  • RNP

    @HYHBT… I have no idea if Pat Sajak stated his position on camera but I would be surprized if it was anything other than a most widely acceptable platitude. My view is that any Sajak comment is coming from someone who is trying to appeal to the widest possible audiance and I doubt that he would take a strident position on this subject is any direction…
    Or isn’t that what you were asking?

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