The Winners Of The 2012 Queerties: The Tops In News, Scandal, Celebrity, And More!

In case you hadn’t heard, there was a pretty big election recently. Yep, Queerty readers voted for their favorite personalities, events, memes, drag queens and more in the inaugural Queerties. Twenties categories, 120 nominees, and some of the closest races we’ve seeing in years!

In Stop The Presses, the news story of the year, Queerty readers chose President Obama declaring his support for marriage equality.

Not surprisingly, Douche of the Year went to Mitt Romney. Hey Mitt, you finally won something!

The Non-Outing of the Year, for the celebrity who did everything not to come out of the closet, goes to Queen Latifah. (Guess playing a Pride festival was just a step too far.)

It was a tight race for Top Jock but in the end rugby star Ben Cohen took the gold, both for his anti-bullying work and his eagerness to appear without a shirt. (BTW, you can buy his 2013 calendar now!)

Two Drag Race alums were honored this year: Willam Belli was voted Next Big Queer, so expect big things from her. (Like her new single, “Trouble.”) And Queerty readers like you voted the chunky yet funky Latrice Royale as your favorite Drag Race queen.

To find out the winners in all the categories, including Scandal of the Year, Closet-Door Bustdown, YouTube Idol, Celebrity Beef, Straight Crush and Meme of the Year, visit the Queerties main page 

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  • RomanHans

    Sigh. Thirty pages of results, with one winner on each page. The first page has like two actual words on it.

    If you can get to page two, you’re a better man than me.


    frank ocean: on the brink of international superstardom, ground-breaking culturally and artistically…and y’all voted a niche drag act for Next Big Queer…um…okay.

  • m

    Ugh, willam? Really?

  • hotshot70

    Willam is horrid. That voice and body is hideous. When he barfed on RDR, I hoped for her to be out of limelight forever!

  • RomanHans

    @Oscar Raymundo: Thanks, Oscar! Maybe I got here before you put that up? Otherwise I plead stupidity.

  • Dinodogstar

    Come on Queen, stop playing that sly sexy black kitten-with-a-whip naughty girl, and just say it… easy to say when you’re a privileged white guy with-in a community that is pretty-accepting and down with it…Why do we think, just bc someboody is on tv, or records an album, we deserve to know every intimate detail of their life? The world isn’t all SanFran or Chelsea, and being openly-supportive is enough for me. Coming out is extremely important, and I and a lot of people think it has been the most important thing in the progress of LGBT rights, but most all of us get to do it at our own pace and time, without everybody on you back pushing you to make a declation that will undoubtedly change her life and career…

  • jeff4justice

    There should be a podcast category.

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