"touch-starved as heck"

There’s no such thing as too much cuddling for these Redditors

You’ve heard of sex addicts, but what about cuddle addicts? Yes, some gay guys would pick spooning over sex, as a recent Reddit thread revealed.

“I’m a huge fan of cuddling and holding hands while watching TV or in bed, even without the sex,” one Reddit user wrote, starting a thread about cuddle frequency. “I have a high sex drive, but I prefer cuddling over it any day. There’s just something about being in your man’s arms or holding him that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. What do you prefer?”

Most commenters on the thread concurred… though there was at least one naysayer in the bunch. Here are their responses.

The Cuddle Addicts

“Cuddling over sex all the way.”

“My boyfriend and I cuddle every single night. I love when he holds me, and I love holding him. Usually, we snuggle at night until one of us falls asleep, but we also like a good snuggle on the couch while watching television. Bonus points when our dog sneaks his way in between us and I feel double the love.”

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“Every single opportunity I can get! I’m touch-starved as heck and wanna have a man to snuggle with everywhere at home, from expected times (such as bed and/or watching moves like you mentioned) to random hugs just because. Just the thought of being held makes me feel warm and fuzzy.”

“When I’m upset and my BF holds/cuddles me, it helps calm me down. Plus, I feel more connected to him than sex ever does.”

“I have no cuddle limit. None. I only ever need to cease the cuddling for practical reasons, lol. More seriously, I do like a little time alone every now and then, but most of the time, I just love the feeling of the weight and contact of another guy’s body. I also like sleeping that way and naturally reach for someone in my sleep if there’s another body in my bed, haha. It’s just reassuring to have that physical contact with someone I like.”

“60% of each day seems good as a starting plan, but we can adjust that (upwards).”

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The Frequent Cuddlers

“Every night before bed for, like, 20-30 minutes while reading, then roll over onto opposite sides of a king-sized bed for actually sleeping.”

“I have a very high sex drive, but I still want to cuddle with my boyfriend every day. I would also be happy having sex every day.”

The Anti-Cuddler

“I loathe cuddling — makes me feel suffocated. Husband loves it, and it makes him unhappy that I dislike it as much as I do. But we sleep in the same bed, so he counts that as a win, even though I’ll only cuddle for about one minute before I go, ‘And… done!’”