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This Is The Best Way To Ridicule Homophobes Who Protest Pride Festivals

prideWe’ve all seen the haters gathered outside pride festivals with their ridiculous signs telling us we’re going straight to hell. Some folks ignore them, while others — usually those with a bit of liquid fortitude thanks to a pre-Pride brunch of bottomless mimosas — try to goad them into confrontation. We like the way a guy handled the situation at the Pride event in Chester, England over the weekend. In a video posted to Vimeo with the title “How we deal with bigots in Chester,” the man identified by Attitude as Dean Paton from Chester-based “heritage and education” company Big Heritage walks across the parade route and squeezes in next to the homophobes and unveils an enormous sign of his own that uses scientific facts to shut up the haters.

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Watch how it unfolds below.