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This Isn’t Gareth Thomas’ Sex Tape. But It Is Gareth Thomas Naked in the Lockerroom

Allowing sports reporters, with cameras rolling, into the lockerroom isn’t just a problem for professional basketball players. It’s also a problem for European rugby teams. Including Wales’ Cardiff Blues, for whom newly out fullback Gareth Thomas plays. We just got done ruminating over whether Thomas’ coming out will open up his personal life to the gossip pages. But what if there are NSFW pictures to go along with it? Of course, photos of a naked Gareth changing in the lockerroom would’ve been fair game whether he was presumed straight. But let’s up the scintillating factor with a (NSFW) sneak peek of what other blokes have been enjoying.

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  • romeo

    Every gay guy’s fantasy of their high school P.E. teacher — he looks a lot like mine, except this one is GAY! And HOT! LOL

  • alan brickman

    Coming out doesn’t guarentee a right to your privacy…right TR Knight??…

  • FunWithGrindr

    Sheesh. My PE teachers never looked like that! Wowzers. LOL

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Oh my god….

    I feel bad looking at these…

    Though he has a very good natural body!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    I know, my P.E teacher was NEVER this fit!

  • AlwaysGay

    What I wouldn’t do to feel this man’s rock hard body. He looks like a Greek god.

  • Freddie

    Buttcrack and balls! Yum!

    Plus, his cock is uncut, and probably huge when hard, judging by that big sexy Saxon schnozz! MMm.

    Now, THAT’s a gay role model.

  • DSNX

    I think I’ve just met my new imaginary boyfriend.

  • Fitz

    I am feeling protective of Gareth, and wishing that these were posed pictures instead of stolen ones.

  • hyhybt

    @romeo: Hmmm. Never had one of those. Are they really that common?

  • sebastien

    This is exactly the reason maybe athletes don’t want to come out: To have pictures of them butt naked in a locker room and bending over while some idiots comments: “Hmmm, buttcrack and balls! Yum!”

    Queerty wants athletes to come out but after they’re doing it, they help destroying their credibility.

    Nice one , guys…Keep coming with the trash , you really help the cause!

    This blog and some others published by gays should take some responsability in the fact that actors and athletes don’t want to come out of the closet. it’s because once they get out, people keep searching that closet to find trash and rubbish.

    He certainly didn’t come out for that , but if that’s what guys want, then go ahead.But stop blaming people for not coming out .

    Not everyone wants to be the beefcake of the month. he certainly didn’t come out for that reason.

  • sebastien

    We have to stop treating celebrities who come out like brainless pin ups to have a wank at.We have to stop helping ruining their credibility because we give ammunitions to straight people to shoot them down.

    This guy doesn;t want to be seen as a “pin up” on a field, I m sure he takes enough shit like that from other rugby players .

    If those pics are published somewhere, good! but you don’t have to relay the trash.
    Surely a pair of butt cheeks sell, but you have to take a stand, either you want to become another version of Perez hilton blog or you want to take stand and you wanna become a blog who treat people as human being before everything.

    I thought appaling that you relayed the sex vid of Dustin lance Bass . thank god, the guy wasn’t ashamed of it and it didn’t break him.But he wrote a movie about a time where gays were helping each other and you proved that in the 21st century , it ‘s the opposite.
    I think it’s appaling…

  • hyhybt

    You really think this site only posted the photos because he’s out?

  • Fitz

    I agree with Sebastian 100%. We need to resist some urges. Had he posed for these, I would be all over it. But what happened here was prurient and predatory. There are plenty of hot pics of hot guys which are legally available. We don’t need to accept the projection that the straight world has of us of cruising at every possible moment and sexualing every situation.

  • alan brickman

    he’s a man’s man ..very nice…leave him alone…

  • alan brickman

    these pics were intrusive..should respect the privacy of the lockerroom….otherwise they will cover up…

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    I do have to agree that this is invasive….

  • Kieran

    This is how we reward athletes for coming out? And we wonder why other gay athletes stay closeted?

  • scott ny'er

    Just because the dude came out doesn’t mean these pics wouldn’t be floating around. There are tons of pics of athletes in the buff, in the locker room, who aren’t gay. One thing does not have to do with the other.

    Paparazzi and people are curious and will post these things if they can. Be it a gay audience, straight audience. Just as long as they are famous, it’s enough.

  • Matt

    People, there’s some kind of reporter in there with a camera, please, it’s not like he had no idea he could be captured naked.
    He obviously didn’t give a shit.

  • truth is

    Ok – the truth is that:
    1) these pictures would have been taken and published whether Gareth was gay or not.
    2) it seems to have been some sort of joke, since every dude in the locker room just happens to be dressed from the bottom down and is cheesing like a kid at Christmas.

    He either didn’t give a shit, as Matt said, or it was a joke he and his teammates played on the reporter. Typical locker room shenanigans, because even though he’s gay, he’s still one of he guys.

    Go vikes!

  • Rob Moore

    @Freddie: Never insult a Welshman by referring to him as Saxon. The Welsh like the Bretons of Brittany, the Irish, and the Scots are descended from the Celts. Their languages are Gaelic languages. The Saxons were the Germanic invaders of post-Roman Britain.

  • kae

    i read somewhere that he did this deliberately for a laugh when he was playing for Toulouse in 06; apparently the tv reporter was interviewing [Michelak i think] and Alfie deliberately whipped off his towel in the middle of the interview knowing full well what everyone would see..thats why the guys are all smirking in the background. He has a definite naughty streak so I can believe it.

  • Straight

    @Rob Moore: True apart from the Gaelic languages part. Irish, Scots are Gaelic. Welsh, Breton and Cornwall are Brythonic (:

  • Rob Moore

    @Straight: Thanks, I stand corrected. I took the information you provided and did some research. I see now that other sources have a tendency to lump all the Celtic descended languages into the Gaelic category, which as you correct point out is wrong. Welsh, Cornish, Breton, and Cumbrian are all descended from the original language of Britain prior to incursions by Gauls and Romans. Sorry if I suddenly turned geek, but I do love this sort of stuff.

  • Who Cares

    I am drooling…

  • Phillip

    Gareth, congratulations on making a positive step forward. I remember a clandestine meeting in Canberra back around 2003. You certainly have a lot to offer!

  • JP

    Wow! Certainly a specimen

    He’s gone through a lot and did it in the middle of his career while others came out after their careers. It takes a lot of balls to do that. I have a fist for every homophobic hooligan who wishes him ill and a cheer for his honesty.

    I can’t imagine someone as hot as him to stay single in the gay world… oh well I’ll just dream on…

  • kae

    @Phillip: ooh do tell Phillip!!

  • Mark

    I think rugby is a little different in that its common for the whole team to be naked a lot. Like after winning a big match a lot of teams strip on the field and horse around and take pics etc. Also its common for players to end up naked / with pants down after a good tackle. I can agree with other comments that say this isnt a good way to treat someone who was brave enough to come out – and it does detract from his message. Most of the pics I didnt have a real problem with esp as they were taken in a locker room setting. Picture 3 I thought was DISTASTEFUL. I think we could have resisted the urge to take / post that pic. I can see the sob with the camera gearing up for the money shot. Also the other players were all seated and covered only Gareth was exposed (in the pics shown).

  • ross leonard sayer

    Gareth thomas is good he is gay and I think he is awesome a rugby player and I bet he had a few interesting moments in his life.but all rugby players a bit queer and also ian roberts is a rugby league player so he is gay to and actor. I LOVE TO HAVE MET THEM

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