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That time disgraced GOP Rep. Wes Goodman fondled a male teen at an antigay fundraiser

When it rains, it pours.

After several screenshots of sexually-charged conversations between himself and several other men leaked online, disgraced Ohio GOP lawmaker Wes Goodman is facing a fresh dump of damning documents.

The Washington Post just got its hand on several emails and other never-before-released documents describing an unwanted sexual encounter involving Goodman and an 18-year-old boy at a 2015 fundraiser for the antigay Council for National Policy.

According to the documents, Goodman, who was 31 at the time, first approached the teen and his friends outside a Ritz-Carlton ballroom and invited them to join him at a party on Capitol Hill.

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“One of the young guys didn’t want to go, and Wes really made fun of him and told him he ‘had a vagina’ and made sarcastic remarks about him being like a woman,” the teen wrote in a statement.

The teen agreed to go to the party. Afterwards, he and Goodman returned to the Ritz-Carlton where, he says, “Wes pushed me to come to his room.”

Goodman allegedly offered to let the teen share his bed.

In his written statement, the young man says he woke up at at around 4 AM to find Goodman “pulling down my zipper.” His pants had also been unbuttoned. Goodman then began fondling him. That’s when the teenager jumped up and ran out of the room.

“I was shaken, dazed, confused and very upset,” he wrote.

The teenager eventually told his parents, who demanded Goodman be removed from the organization.

“If we endorse these types of individuals, then it would seem our whole weekend together was nothing more than a charade,” the teen’s stepfather wrote to Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council and president of the Council for National Policy, in an email.

To which Perkins replied: “Trust me .?.?. this will not be ignored nor swept aside. It will be dealt with swiftly, but with prudence.”

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More documents show that when confronted by Perkins about the incident, Goodman acknowledged inviting the teen back to his hotel room, but denied molesting him in his sleep, saying he merely woke up around 8 AM to find the young man was “gone.”

In an email exchange, Perkins pressured Goodman to drop out of the race for the Ohio House of Representatives and suspended him from the council.

“Going forward so soon, without some distance from your past behavior and a track record of recovery, carries great risk for you and for those who are supporting you,” Perkins wrote.

Goodman continued his campaign, during which he touted the important of “natural marriage,” and eventually went on to win his seat last year. He abruptly resigned from the job earlier this month after being caught having sex with a male in his office.

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  • Bob LaBlah

    I fail to see the horror in what he did. Ok, the guy was in his thirties but in my opinion he was still a kid with a strong sexual desire at heart. He got caught on the video and that was the end of him politically but really, are all of these mundane accusations really necessary? Ok, yes he was a member of the so called family values oriented GOP but these days of late we see that regardless of party affiliations we all seem to be guilty some where along the line. This is now turning into persecution and its time to start asking ourselves just where do we have room to talk.

    • Brody

      It’s not as if Goodman is touting his innocence (as is the creep Roy Moore); he’s admitted to his wrongdoing and is going to quietly go away, and we all should respectfully allow him to do just that. I’ve known a couple guys in my time who slept with thirtyish men when they were teenagers, and I doubt they would want to see their paramours mocked and their lives destroyed.

    • Paco

      @Brody – You talk as if the assault on the 18 year old was consensual. It clearly wasn’t and was Kevin Spacey level predatory sexual behavior. That incident was covered up with the help of Tony Perkins and not the reason he resigned.

    • DistingueTraces

      When the guy you’re fondling leaps up, rushes from the room and asks his parents to protect him, he probably doesn’t see you as his “paramour”.

    • WillParkinson

      You fail to see the horror in what he did? Nowhere in the article does it say it was consensual. He was fondling him while he slept. That’s sexual assault at the very least, perhaps even rape.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      It seems like this guy’s side pieces have shown up.

      He is a low life homophobe in both classic senses, and a predator with enough self preservation to hit on an 18 y/o. At least in my opinion.

      Sadly tar, feathering and being ridden out of town on a pike has fallen from favor.

  • Paco

    Many of us grew up with extreme homophobia in our families and communities and yet somehow managed to have the fortitude to discover and accept ourselves without trying to disenfranchise our fellow LGBT for maybe a tiny sliver of acceptance from our homophobic abusers and oppressors.

    No sympathy for him until he apologizes to all LGBT. But something tells me the coward will only be apologizing to his homophobic masters.

  • Creamsicle

    Closeted anti-gay lawmakers are 100% fair game. If you are working towards making life harder for other gay men and women while living a lie then you absolutely deserve to be taken down for being a complete shit bag. This guy tried to rape a young man who was technically an adult, but was still young and naive enough to go to a stranger’s hotel room for the night after being surreptitiously invited to a political fundraiser, which was ALSO anti-gay.

    He was willing to take anti-gay money to promote anti-gay policy while being gay in secret. Blow that man’s cover, show people that anti-gay groups are willing to cover up sexual misconduct for the sake of donor contributions, and start talking about the harm and danger of and how far you can fall when you live your life in the closet. If we can get even one more gay man or woman to come out then that’s another circle of family and friends who will see and know a gay person and not demonize them baselessly.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      I’ll have what he is having.

  • Kennycook64

    Why is “bisexual” a tag on this story? The guy isn’t bisexual. He’s a hypocritical, self loathing Gay man, who got caught doing what he rails about as unnatural, in order to get win a congressional seat. Tags should be LIAR, REPUBLICAN & HYPOCRITE.

    • Donston

      If a dude is married to a woman and gets caught in a situation like this it’s politically correct to refer to him as bisexual even if none of the tons of people he tries to hook up with are non males and even if he doesn’t refer to himself as such. We don’t know the exact specifics of his orientation. We do know that he’s a hypocritical megalomaniac. And yes, beyond being an anti-lgbt politician persistently indulging gay behaviors his general actions are just perverted and arrogant.

      If your first priority is to keep things on the low you get yourself a steady side bf or two, or you become a “regular client” for a couple dudes. However, part of the appeal for men like him (including men who do these things with women) is the secret keeping, being able to maintain a “straight” public life, the hypocrisy and trying to force immediate access to something you want. It’s all part of what gets them off.

    • cloggedchakra

      I agree he is complexed gay using woman as a cover. Sad he is not the only one.

  • crowebobby

    I wonder what he was fondling. The kid obviously hadn’t yet grown a pair.

  • GayEGO

    Hmmm, He needs to come out as gay!

  • tham

    Umm, not to be against “Safe places”…but…if you met someone on the streets, then go to a party with them…then back to their hotel room, then sleep on the bed with them…bad things can happen.

    I guess we need to start teaching young people to not go to the hotel rooms with strangers and sleep in their bed.

    Am I blaming the victim…well as much as I blame the guy who gets into a car with a drunk driver. Yes they are a victim of a drunk driver…but…they made bad life choices.

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