Gay activist and sex columnist Dan Savage has received a second on-campus glitter bombing—this time, a University of California Irvine student glittered Savage for using the terms “shemale” and “freaky tranny porn” when discussing straight guys who watch trans porn. Police arrested the student and Savage said that being gay he loves glitter.

We’ve already explored whether Savage is really the right target. But here’s a more basic question: is queer-on-queer glitter bombing counterproductive?

The Bilerico Project’s Tobi Hill-Meyer provides one way to consider the issue:

After the first glitter stunt, many reported on the fact that it was being used to criticize a gay man, calling it a queer-on-queer glitter bombing… [something] akin to calling Michele Bachman a target of a white-on-white glitter bombing…

…[the] gay and trans communities are supposed to be in coalition together and… infighting can damage that coalition. However… as a movement, we have to be able to criticize our allies or else they are not really allies. That doesn’t mean beating upon them like a punching bag…, [saying] the good things they are doing don’t count… [or questioning] their value as a human being. It just means that something they did was unacceptable and has to change…

… those who consider themselves allies to trans people and feel the urge to aggressively defend Savage may benefit by listening to trans people’s voices on the matter… no weight should be given to those who do not consider themselves allies to trans people and insist on telling trans people that their concerns are not valid.

Considering that he’s still using anti-trans slurs, one has to wonder whether Savage even cares or whether he’s just trying to make good material for his upcoming MTV reality show.

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