Todrick Hall just dropped his newest video: an ode to big d*ck

Singer Todrick Hall just dropped his newest video and single. The song channels the style and swing music of the 1920s into a song all about big d*ck.

Yes, really. We’re guessing that’s the reason for the swing as well.

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The video for the song finds a scantily-clad Hall singing about his endless self-esteem thanks to his very large talent, as well as his love of all things glamorous and expensive. Of course, Mr. Hall stops short of playing show and tell, though his skill at doing the Charleston is enough to keep us interested.

Trans talk show host TS Madison also has a cameo, which is just an added bonus.

“D*ck this Big” (yes, that really is the title) is the latest single of Hall’s new album Femuline.