When Tom Daley came out as a bisexual man earlier this month, he hinted that he’d been aware of his sexuality long before plugging his digits into Dustin Lance Black‘s phone at that fateful party. Though he claims to still “fancy girls,” he “always knew” that a relationship with a man was a distinct possibility in the future.

You and I both know it’s silly to assume Tom magically conjured homosexual feelings on the night he met his current boyfriend, but Tom claims it was “love at first sight” and the mainstream media almost unanimously agrees that DLB was Tom’s very first man crush. I’m not buying it. There has to be others—somewhere in the world, there are boys who served as gateway babes for Tom to explore and understand his sexuality more thoroughly before brazenly walking up to and landing a 39-year-old Oscar winner.

But who are the romantic interests in Tom’s past? Where are they? Perhaps they’re sitting right under our noses, much like Tom’s sexuality was for the last two years?

Let’s take an adventure through Tom Daley’s past and see if we can spot his all-too-in-your-face bromances and possible past relationships. Do any of them look like keepers?


May 21, 2012 – Tom wastes no time stepping into the public eye as a certified sex symbol. On his 18th birthday, the barely legal babe stripped down to his swimsuit at a signing event for his first book, Tom Daley: My Story. Let the games begin, boys.

British Olympic Diver Tom Daley Launches His Autobiography At Waterstones Piccadilly

During the event, Tom takes several photos showcasing his merchandise. Tom’s publicist wanted everyone to look at the book, but the world is obviously preoccupied by his impossible mannequin physique. Twitter and Tumblr ignite, gay crushes are born worldwide.



June 2012 – The world is introduced to Tom Daley by way of the 2012 Olympics, where he takes the bronze medal for Great Britain in the 10m Individual Platform competition. Now a decorated Olympian, Tom attracts the attention of fellow Team GB diver Jack Laugher and inspires the first gay rumors:

tumblr_m882k9jxNX1rcuy0ko2_500 tumblr_m832rc3sNR1rcue1go3_250 tumblr_m7vn9d4NCC1r6svw3o1_500

The pair appear together with fellow Team GB divers in a parody video of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” during training camp.

Sure, they’re teammates. But those hip sways and head tosses are just too convincing. The world suspects…


Plus they always looked so cute together! (Jack went on to pose for Gay Times this year.)

_63380070_1f0400ec11f011e28a3522000a1c86c8_7Tom Daley trains at the pool in Adelaide, Australia

tom and jack

June 12, 2012 – Following the Olympics, Tom moves on to stretch his 15 minutes of fame and takes every opportunity to remove his clothes for the adoring gay fans. He poses in a wet t-shirt for Fabulous Magazine and further fuels gay fantasies:


So gay. So hot.


tumblr_m9qna2J13B1rdm7glo1_500 (1)

August 20, 2012 – Tom’s gaydar heats up as he does a photoshoot for Heat Magazine. It’s the first time we get to see him in underwear (woo!)

tom-daley-behind-scenes-heat-08302012-07-580x435 (1)

He tells the magazine he has a “fear of getting fat.” Definitely gay.


Immediately after the photos surface online, Tom is linked with his second bromancy man crush, One Direction’s Liam Payne. The two reportedly exchanged numbers at a party (hey, isn’t that Tom’s MO when it comes to picking dudes up?) Liam reportedly buys a drink for Tom at a club:


Tom and Liam’s public bromance remains on the DL for a few weeks as the media discusses what brought them together. According to reports, Tom was feeling a little down in the dumps and facing some serious cyber bullying. Liam, obviously, was his knight in shining armor.


Late August 2012 – Following reports of Tom’s new bromance with Liam Payne, he tweets a photo of himself with his leg in the air. Tease!


September 12, 2012 – Confusion erupts! Tom and Liam have not been seen together for nearly a month. Tom’s newfound bromance with The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes (above, right) blossoms in the tabloids.

Nathan confirms that he and Tom “GET HORNY TOGETHER” (I’m not joking!) and like to mess around on Friday nights. WHOA. On an unrelated (but probably not) note, Tom learns to remove his pants in mid-air around this time:


The same night Tom and Nathan get drunk in a London nightclub together, Tom meets gay icon Kylie Minogue. She bites his tie:


October 28, 2012 – Shock! Tom ditches Nathan and resurfaces after two whole months of secret “friendship” with Liam Payne at a Halloween party in London:


Tom loosely confirms that Liam is the bottom in this relationship:



October 30 2012 – Two days after Tom and Liam are spotted together, Tom tweets a naked photo of himself. At this point, he’s obviously aware of his chokehold on the gay community.


November 24 2012 – Tom dances the Mobot, is irresistible

Tom-Daley (1)


December 23, 2012 – Tom opens up about his “friendship” with Liam Payne. He tells the Daily Star that the two are “really good mates” and Liam “comforted” him in a time of need. Hmm.


May 7, 2013 – Tom is photographed sexting at the beach with his ass in the air. Still looks hot.


June 2013 – Tom is linked with his roommate, British singer Brian Rabb. Rumors swirl when the pair is photographed on a double date with another couple.

December 2, 2013 – Tom Daley reveals he is bisexual.

As you can see, Tom could have had any number of boyfriends or love interests before meeting Dustin Lance Black, and from the looks of it, he loves the famous D. It seems to me that he has a soft spot for artists, more specifically musicians—from Liam Payne to Nathan Sykes to Brian Robb, it’s obvious that Tom loves the company of singers.

Someday, if his new relationship with DLB goes south, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the arms of Union J’s openly gay Jaymi Hensley. He’s British, good looking, and musically talented! Right up Tom’s alley!


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