Totally Hetero Details Magazine Just Noticed That People Like To Look At Guys’ Bodies

Details has always walked a fine line—branding itself as a guide for straight men, while clearly trying to keep the interest of its sizable gay readership. The new November issue, hitting newsstands October 25, couldn’t be any queerer if it cover model David Gandy was getting his butt snapped by a towel in a high-school locker room.

The lead feature is on “America’s New Male Body Obsession”—which isn’t really that new, since the lengthy slideshow illustrates examples dating back to the 1980s and ’90s, like Marky Mark wearing his Calvin Klein undies and beefy lifeguards on Baywatch. (There are also more modern cases, like True Blood‘s vamp hunks and Ryan Gosling’s sick physique.) “Have we entered a grand age of self-improvement?,” the feature asks. “Or is it narcissism? Or homoeroticism? It’s all those things, and more.”
Us gays won’t be as mystified by the man-candy trend as Details‘ presumably straight readers, but its fun to see how far the culture has come in objectifying men as slabs of meat. (There’s also a nice bonus slideshow of Gandy shot by Norman Jean Roy.)