Trixie Mattel confesses the one thing she has in common with Donald Trump

Trixie Mattel sat down with Larry King for a recent episode of Larry King Now to discuss everything from her retirement plans, to typical fan encounters, to Donald Trump.

Trixie was there to promote The Trixie & Katya Show and to plug her two country albums, but the conversation quickly turned to politics.

So what does the RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 winner think of Trump anyway?

“Well, we’re both dudes in wigs that wear too much bronzer,” she replied. “We probably have a lot more in common.”

Trixie went on to criticize Trump’s lack of empathy for others.

“I don’t think he’s walked in somebody else’s pumps,” she said.

Asked if she’d ever like to meet #45, Trixie was quick to respond: “Pass!”

Trixie also took a moment to share her thoughts on how the current political climate, toxic as it may be, is actually having a positive impact on the drag industry.

“Any time there is an economic downturn or political strife, lipstick sales skyrocket,” she said. “If you have a hard day, it’s this $14 item that lifts your day, and I think drag has the same lipstick effect.”

She then pointed to the queer arts renaissance that happened post-Nazi Germany as an example.

“Whenever you feel oppressed, you just make more art,” she claimed. “I think that’s what’s happening.”

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