With summer in full swing, we’re constantly craving new music from our favorite queer artists to blast at the beach, request at the function, or full-on grab the aux cord to educate the children on the greatness that is coming out from our community at the moment.

This week is one of those unique and exciting weeks in LGBTQ+ music releases, as we’ve got some blazing comebacks and re-imaginings of old favorites from our fave queer musicians we’ve been keeping an eye out for over the years. And Mary, they truly delivered.

Let’s take a gander below and get acquainted with some of these drops in this week’s “bop after bop” new queer music roundup…

“Rush” by Troye Sivan

After a month of teasing (and believe me, we were into it) during Pride month no less, Troye Sivan finally dropped his steamy, self-assured new single “RUSH”. This release is something young gay men only fantasized about seeing one day: an out and proud male pop star bursting onto the pop scene singing about sex with an equally seductive yet celebratory video to match. The track is Troye’s most ambitious to date, not just in its tenacity, but in its quality. Troye fearlessly dove into that anthemic, explosive, club-crafted pop realm we’ve been craving from him, matched with dizzy disco-infused house beats and that beefy chant of a hook that’s been in our heads for weeks. The video only amplifies the song, with its warm overtones, Caravaggio lightwork, dance floors paired with militaristic choreography, and supercuts of queer intimacy in all its joyous forms, taking you on a steady high you don’t want to come down from. Troye is playing all his cards in the pop game this go around and should be as proud as we are to witness queer artists like him, Lil Nas X, Sam Smith, and more as they make their play after all we’ve been dealt.

“Sorry Not Sorry (Rock Version)” Demi Lovato ft. Slash

Ahhh, the summer of 2017, a simpler time when we couldn’t have foreseen the pandemic would hit us soon and Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” was blasting EVERYWHERE. Now, Demi is here to take us down memory lane, and this time, she packed a punch. Continuing their string of re-recordings (trend alert!) of her past hits into new rock versions, she’s dropped a revamped version of one of her biggest hits in a fiery, scream-filled fury. We can’t lie, this style really suits Demi’s voice and overall vibe—she’s carving a new lane for herself that is far different from her peers and doing it to precision. While some pop artists chase the current trend of pop-punk and rock influences, Demi effortlessly blazes through them all, because this is a sweet spot she’s always existed in, and returning to her rock roots has undoubtedly proven to be a smart move (and having Slash as a featured artist certainly adds to the case).

“I’m Yours” by David Archuleta

David Archuleta continues to soar to new heights with the release of his latest single, “I’m Yours.” Infused with an infectious, feel-good, summery vibe, Archuleta is relishing in his newly found queer joy and inviting us along for the ride. With vibrant colors and an open landscape, the video creates a light but captivating atmosphere while the singer croons about being, ahem, ready for someone special with the lyrics “So what you waiting for? / If you want it come and get it I’m yours”. We’re living for David’s confidence, and with the singer set to perform at his first-ever Pride event this Sunday, July 16 in San Diego, we’re sure his rise will only continue.

“Paradise Is Here (Sunrise Mix)” by Cher

We know this by now but NEVER count Cher out. The icon is still releasing incredible content for her loyal fanbase, including the special deluxe edition of It’s A Man’s World, allowing us to revisit and get reacquainted with one of Cher’s most poignant albums. Of course, breathing new life into some of these timeless tracks doesn’t hurt, and with the dancefloor-ready house-infused Sunrise Remix to “Paradise Is Here”, it feels like Pride month is still here.

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