fender bender

Trump campaign bus crashing into dump truck with Mike Pence on board is the perfect metaphor for 2020

Because sometimes the universe has a sense of humor, this morning Trump’s campaign bus crashed into a dump truck in Pennsylvania. Not only that, but Mike Pence was on board.

The minor collision happened when the campaign bus swiped the dump truck, denting in the fender. Pence, who was on his way to a “Cops for Trump” rally, was not injured, but he did have to be transferred into a limo.

As the motorcade continued on its way, it was delayed a second time when two motorcycle cops went down. Pence, not wearing a mask, got out of the limo to speak with the officers. Emergency medical personnel arrived shortly thereafter.

Pence eventually made it to the “Cops for Trump” rally, where he gave a racially-coded and uninspiring speech to a small crowd of almost all white people.

The Trump campaign sent Pence to Pennsylvania this week in an effort to drum up support in the critical battleground state. A recent RealClearPolitics found that Biden leads Trump there by six points.

Here’s what Twitter is saying about this morning’s crash…