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Twitter explodes after learning–yes–Batman is gay

Batman, Kevin Conroy

Bat fans on Twitter released a collective gasp on Wednesday as they learned that voice actor Kevin Conroy is gay.

Conroy is best known for voicing Batman in a series of DC Animated series and films over the past 30 years, beginning with Batman: The Animated Series.

The realization came as DC Comics announced the creative minds behind this year’s Pride Anthology, a series of stories penned by high-profile LGBTQ authors and drawn by famous queer artists centered around the label’s LGBTQ characters.

Conroy will write the story Finding Batman, described as a “personal story.” Details on the tale itself remain mum, though judging by the title, he’ll revisit his most iconic character in some way.

The full anthology releases May 31.

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Ironically, Conroy has made no secret of his sexuality, having discussed his life as a gay man and survival of the AIDS crisis numerous times in interviews. He remains one of only a handful of openly-LGBTQ actors to play a superhero.

Still, a good chunk of Conroy’s fans somehow missed his years of life as an out gay man, and took to Twitter to share their surprise and delight. We also imagine a few probably have some pressing questions about Batman’s relationship with Robin.

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