Two women realize their husbands are sleeping together, set off on an epic journey to confront them

A young woman sitting at an airport bar in Cleveland on Halloween overheard two women talking at the next table over. The young woman quickly realized she needed to stick around to hear what was going on.

To make a long story short: The two women suspected that their husbands, Richard and Jeffrey, were cheating on them… with each other. So they booked a flight together to crash the men’s alleged “business trip” in Chicago and hopefully get to the bottom of things.

Lucky for us, the woman eavesdropping live tweeted the entire conversation…

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  • Josh447

    There’s the script, now let’s have the movie!

    • AndThenTheresMax

      Already done. It’s called, “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix. Watch it. It’s hysterical.

  • Brody

    Newsflash, ladies:
    If your husbands go by Jeffrey and Richard, and not Jeff and Rich, then it should come as no surprise that they’re gay.

    • Heywood Jablowme

      Ha! And a three-way with Michael – never Mike!

    • Herman75

      And if it’s Jeffery, then he’s gay as a tangerine.

  • broadshoulder

    Are you expecting sympathy for this? I thought this was a gay website. Why are we putting up with bisexuals who marry?

    • Armiya

      Newsflash d*ckbag! This covers all LGBTQI issues (so they say, then again calling this a news site is literally a joke. Case in point, this story here). No need to be bi phobic. I’m sure plenty weren’t impressed when you personally came out!

    • broadshoulder

      You don’t like what I say. Then don’t read it. Uou and your saggy fat arse can push off

    • Umoja

      Gay or bisexual men that marry women for social conformity are victims of patriarchy (and its compulsory heterosexuality and monogamy). Their wives deserve understanding but not vengeance.

    • Armiya

      Definitely not fat and definitely not saggy, old man. Hilarious you called me 12 years old. Obviously you know too many of them who have turned you down.

  • Frank

    Dear Ladies,

    Encourage them to have sex, video tape it and then release it to the world…if you are NOT going to share…you are not going to get an iota of care from any self-respecting gay man…

    We want to see the sex and they better be pounding the stuffing out of each other and please make it bareback…

    • Creamsicle

      Meh. Chances are good that they’re not hot enough for the majority of the gay internet to care if they releases a sex tape.


    Is Mr. Gremore moonlighting as an agent for lying attention whores now? Also I now realise Twitter verification is essentially meaningless

  • Heywood Jablowme

    I eagerly await the opinion of “Jaxton/Brian/Jason” on this one!

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      It was a disappointment if you ask me

  • Jaxton

    In the battle of the sexes, male bisexuality empowers men over women.

    That’s why liberals don’t like to talk about it – it destroys that which is most “holy” to liberals ie girl power. –

    Liberals frown upon male bisexuality but think female bisexuality is “hot”.

    • Armiya

      Hey f uckface! I’m very liberal and don’t see anything wrong about bisexuality. As usual your comments are bullshit. Gay people PERIOD, in many ways think bisexuals are “confused”. Sound familiar? It’s a clue of their own garbage they heard about being gay, growing up. We get it. You hate liberals, and are the world’s foremost authority on them, so because you’re such a s*itstain, you bring up liberal vs conservative in EVERY conversation because in your small mind, that’s just how it is. Your last sentence has nothing to do with politics, but clearly homophobia and there are plenty of liberals who are homophobic themselves. So quit making every argument about politics, and get out of your parents basement, take a day off from flipping burgers, and actually see the world.

    • PinkoOfTheGange

      What are you going on about this time Jax?

    • broadshoulder

      Armiya is a 12 year old bisexual with a saggy arse

    • Armiya

      Oh you sure told me, didn’t you?

    • Armiya

      As for the saggy ass comment, looking at your profile pic…I’m sure even 12 year olds would turn you down.

  • surreal33

    It is amazing that spouse could be so blind as to not know her husband is gay.
    How do you live and sleep with someone for years and not know?
    At some point, it comes down to willful ignorance.

    • Jaxton

      The husband is not gay-identifying, and there is no evidence that he practises homosexuality even if he might also be attracted to men.

      The whole thing smells of “woman feels threatened by the power of male sexuality, especially male bisexuality”. I get so annoyed with these women.

  • gravityyaoi

    As interesting as this is, someone needs to chastise the tweeter on listening in on other people’s very personal and traumatizing private conversations then feeling they have the permission to share it with the internet.

    • Creamsicle

      Social media was made for this kind of shit though. It’s either “my crazy day,” posts or pithy “#blessed” posts. At least this one seemed to end on a positive note.

      The men and women involved might feel that they have the courage to own that this happened to them when they see the support for them on social media. Even the cheating husbands are being given a little bit of sympathy as men who felt the need to hide their sexuality for so long, and whose wives feel more betrayed by the deception than by the gayness/bisexuality.

  • Mick406

    Well . . . what an abrupt and disappointing ending. I was hoping they would find their two hubbies shacked up somewhere and we could hear about some graphic hot sex. Plus . . . the two gals getting all hot and bothered by it instead of upset and then joining in! Now, THAT’S a story!

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