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U.S. Marshals’ New Motto: ‘Look At The Shim’

Autumn Sandeen, the transgender blogger and Navy veteran, was among those who protested DADT last week and was peacefully arrested at the White House fence. And while the five other activists were reportedly treated kindly by the Park Police and U.S. Marshals, Ms. Sandeen was described as a “shim” and an “it” while in custody. She’s written an open letter to the president about what happened, and although we doubt he’ll respond publicly, it’s another one of these “Imagine if federal officials referred to a black or Asian person” with similarly derogatory language. Those communities would be in uproar, and demanding heads. Ours? Easily ignored.

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  • AndrewW

    Nobody cares about these make-me-famous publicity stunts. We don’t need attention, we need results.

  • James E. Pietrangelo, II

    Andrew, you have no idea what you are talking about. Chaining ourselves to the fence had nothing to do with getting famous and everything to do with getting results. The people on that fence–far from “benefitting” in any way from their civil disobedience–paid a significant price to fight for equality–not the least of which was going to jail. That civil disobedience has done more towards achieving Gay rights than all the talk of people like you ever has or will. You’re just another armchair quarterback putting his two cents in from the safety of his home. Why don’t YOU get off YOUR ass and do something? THEN come and criticize us.

  • Crista

    Thank you James you said it better than I ever could…

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