Uganda Activist Man Decapitated, Head Found In Piss Pit (Updated)

The “mutilated torso” of Pasikali Kashusbe, who worked at Bishop Christopher Senyonjo’s LGBT advocacy group Integrity Uganda, a group dedicated to mobilizing against homophobia, was found a half kilometer away from the farm where his head was found in a latrine pit, a week after he went missing. His torso was found without genitals. Update: There appear to be serious credibility problems in the original report.

Police found the body while searching for the Rev. Henry Kayizzi Nsubuga, who went missing more than two weeks ago after speaking in favor of Uganda’s queers.

Two of Kashusbe’s co-workers have been arrested; they reportedly lived with him.

UPDATE: The blog Box Turtle Bulletin, which originally reported the story, is retracting its claim the beheaded body belonged to a queer activist: “Sources in the U.S. and Uganda now tell me that the young man whose beheaded body was found was not connected with Integrity Uganda, and that Bishop Christopher Senyonjo did not make the statement attributed to him by Changing Attitudes. The young man’s murder is no less horrific. But the connection to homophobia, for now, appears doubtful.”

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