Ethics Minister Personally Raids LGBT-Rights Conference in Uganda

In most totalitarian regimes, the head of the morality police would just send henchmen to shut down a gathering he deemed unsavory. In Uganda, the State Minister for Ethics and Integrity  showed up at a LGBT rights conference and personally closed it down, reports the Daily Monitor.

Organized by pro-gay-rights organization Freedom and Roam Uganda, the two-week gathering was called, in part, to discuss methods of fighting recent anti-gay legislation which, after being tabled due to international outrage, was recently brought back into discussion by the Ugandan legislature—though with the death penalty removed.

Yesterday, Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo (above), an ordained priest, barged in on the peaceful roundtable accompanied by police, and said, “I have closed this conference because it’s illegal. We do not accept homosexuality in Uganda. So go back home.”

Lokodo also tried to arrest the group’s leader Kasha Jacqueline Nabagasera (left), who then fled the scene.

Amnesty International has spoken out against this abusive exercise of government power over peaceful activists.

Photos: Box Turtle Bulletin, Amnesty International