Vitaliy Kozlovskiy is a pop star from Ukraine, though he has way more followers on Instagram (77,000) than he does on Spotify (2,000) and we have no idea why…

The singer has been making music for over a decade and his video “МАЛА,” released last year, has over 2 million views on YouTube.

For years, Kozlovskiy has been the subject of gay rumors. Again, we have no idea why…

During a recent stop at local radio station, the 34-year-old finally addressed those rumors once and for all.

“I look gay,” he admitted. “I like acting gay. What’s wrong with that?”

But looking and acting gay, evidently, are different from actually being gay because Kozlovskiy then said, “I’m a metrosexual and I admit it. I take care of myself because I understand that a singer can’t go on stage if he has an unkempt appearance.”

“If someone associated that with being gay, I’m sorry,” he added. “But I can’t walk around with a sign that says ‘I’m not gay.'”

Whomp, whomp.

Kozlovskiy went on to say that sex is “very important” to him and he loves everyone.

“Sex is very important to me,” he said. “I am peaceful and love everyone. Such is my temperament. And it probably manifests itself in sex. I can be both angel and demon at the same time.”

Glad that’s settled.

Scroll down for more pics from Kozlovskiy’s Instagram page…

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