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UPenn Has No Problem Hiring Homosexual Rev. James St. George To Teach

The Rev. James St. George, who was fired from the Roman Catholic school Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia for being gay for supporting gays, has a new, much more prestigious gig — at the University of Pennsylvania. There, he’ll teach a course on religion, social justice, and urban development. “It feels good to be teaching again,” he says.

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  • Hyhybt

    Some good news! And the way things have been going lately, any will do.

  • Dana Lane Taylor

    Proud to work at Penn!

  • TMikel

    This is great! Why should any institution have problems with this man? He should be honored for his courage.

  • David

    The difference between Penn and his previous employer is one is a secular institution and the other is Roman Catholic. For his previous employer, they did not know (but should have found out as part of his employment application)that the good father is not a Roman Catholic priest but a priest of a different denomination. It is that simple! Having him preside at liturgies at their school would make no more sense than having a Catholic priest conduct sabbath services at a synagogue.
    There is more than enough misunderstanding between the gay community and the Catholic church with blame on both sides. Let’s not fan any flames unnecessarily.

  • JAW

    Queerty forgot to mention that the good father also spent time in jail for federal mail-fraud conviction. He was convicted of keeping money that people sent to his funeral home to pre-pay for their and loved ones funerals. The man also tried to pass himself off as a Roman Catholic priest… not from a break off group that does not have a connection with the RC church.

    In my view…When someone steals from people in a tie of grief… he is a sleeze bag

  • justiceontherocks

    @JAW: Quit confusing people with the facts. Besides, I’m sure he’s really sorry for what he did.


    there should be more gay teachers around the world to teach how great gay people are. we are humans, born gay, living gay and just being gay. it’s a great life. now, all i have to do is find me a friend who thinks like me. congrats to univ. of penn. i’ll be rooting for you. tom stanton, aiken, s.c. (in phone book), lol. best wishes for a healthy and more peaceful 2011

  • Geoffrey Summerill

    To: Justiceontherocks: Sorry for what he did??? He has a whole lot more to be sorry for! From comments on another LGBT website:

    Thomas Q says:

    Since won’t post my comments about this story, I was wondering whether Ms. P [the Daily News reporter] will answer a couple of questions I have about her involvement with Jim St. George:
    1. When did you find out that he is a convicted felon?
    2. When did you find out that he was fired by Albert Einstein for impersonating a Roman Catholic priest?
    3. When did you find out that he was fired by Lehigh Valley Hospital for impersonating a Roman Catholic priest?
    4. When did you find out that your column about St. George “concelebrating” the Cassidy Mass with the “permission” of Rigali was predicated on a complete and utter lie?
    5. When did you find out that Jim St. George stole over a million dollars from people who invested in his casket business?
    6. When did you find out that he was dishonorably discharged from the Navy?
    7. Ask him about why he was expelled from the Episcopal seminary (Virginia Theological). It involves forgery….Or did you know that back story already? It’s quite something…
    8. Do you know about all of his bankruptcies?
    9. What is it like to be played by a 21st century version of a snake oil salesman?
    You see … the reason he “settled” with CHC is that he didn’t want to answer questions about these things…for good reason.
    What is the “Old Catholic Church” putting in collars these days!!

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