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Valerie Jarrett Hates Seeing Gay Kids Kill Themselves Over Their ‘Lifestyle Choices’

Valerie Jarrett, who just got done telling the Human Rights Campaign’s A-Gays the White House cares very much about these dead gay children, probably just didn’t know how the proper way to refer to a gay teen’s sexual orientation. But calling it a “lifestyle choice” certainly wasn’t it.

[flv:http://media.queerty.net/jarrettlifestyle0.mp4 https://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs-null/2010/10/jarrettlifestyle0.jpg 650 400]

Speaking to Jonathan Capehart, the gay journalist at the hate publisher The Washington Post, Jarrett describes meeting the family of Justin Aaberg (the 15-year-old who hanged himself), who were comfortable with the “lifestyle choice” of their son.

I sure hope so. Because it was their genes and DNA and nurturing and whatever else it is that makes you gay that, uh, made him gay.

UPDATE: Jarrett says she “misspoke” and “meant no disrespect to the LGBT community, and I apologize to any who have taken offense at my poor choice of words.

[via Petrelis]