William, the Stoli Guy D.C. winner, stomped all over the competition at his local star search that took place Town Discotheque, proving to the judges that you can be fierce in high heels.

Now William is getting ready to travel to New York City for the national finale. Will he be the one to claim the $10,000 prize?

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Can you give us a little teaser of what your original talent showcase will be at the finale on September 18?

Well, all I can say is it will be high enery, fun and a showcase of the art of illusion.

large__SV15700How did your friends and family react when you won Stoli Guy 2014 in your hometown?

My mom was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. All my close friends here in D.C, said, “now it’s time to win the finale.”

Being an LGBT ambassador for Stoli is an exciting job. Why do you think you’d be the best at it?

I feel like I truly represent the core values of Stoli and what they want in an ambassador. I enjoy meeting new people, helping them have a great experience doing what it is they are doing. I’m not afraid to interact with a stranger and get to know them. I am true to my values and loyal to those I am friends with. All qualities I have and know would make me a great ambassador for Stoli.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 2.15.45 PMWhy do you think being “authentic” is important in the LGBT community?

So often communities conform or try to be what society says they have to be. It is truly important to be authentic not only in the LGBT community but for who you are as a person. If we as people are not authentic to who we are we lose that individuality that made us special in the first place. If we are not who we are suppose to be then we will not have that spark or that edge that draws people to us. That is why it’s important to be authentic and true to who you are.

What inspired you to participate in Stoli Guy 2014?

You know honestly at first it was just for fun. As I started doing more research I realized this was way different than a modeling pageant. This was a competition that could really elevate not only Stoli but also the ambassador that is chosen. The potential outreach this could make in our community could be amazing. With the idea of maybe winning and being able to spread the message of being true and authentic captivated me, which gave me the courage to apply.

Favorite Stoli Guy Cocktail: Famous Crush (Stoli Ohranj + Cranberry)

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