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  • ousslander

    I love that it’s in Singapore and they have only one Asian model

  • LandStander

    Nice token black guy there too.

  • Mr.BoPeep

    Look ma, the gingerbread men now come in different flavors!

  • Jeremy

    @ousslander: I know, right? Like out of at least 3 billions people in East and South-East Asia they can only squeeze in 1 Asian model. And he’s not that tall. It’s like a slap from A&F: “Sorry Asians, we don’t find you attractive enough for our brand.”

  • Marcus

    I thought it was just me that noticed that.Only one asian guy.LOL…..and where did the black dude come from?

  • Geoff

    One guy with a hairy chest would have been nice too. Someone with Arab / Iranian / India look would have also been hot. Every one of these guys was smokin’ hot, but there’s way more than this out there …

  • dave

    Its A&F!! what do you expect?? They tend to be a tad racist.

  • TortusW

    Let’s play spot the black guy:

    There he is!

  • bagooka

    @TortusW: It figures a racist like you would go looking for the token black guy!

  • CBRad

    @chandler: Also, I follow gay Asian (specifically Japanese) art very closely. In erotic cartoons, it’s amazing how white the male subjects look. Or, something like half white half Asian. Kind of like Speed Racer. I guess they often find the Caucasian look more sexual or something. Which is no big deal, it’s just….interesting.

  • Ian

    Jeez people, it’s Abercrombie! What did you expect?? Since when have they EVER included other than smooth white boys in their ads? It’s no surprise at all that they include only one Asian guy and one Black guy — whether it’s Singapore or NY, that’s their approach to branding.

  • CBRad

    @Ian: I know, really. They have a right to their “type”. Just as a company directed toward hiphop types might have different models.

  • Henry

    I’m not sure why there’s so much whining about these boys’ color. In fact, I think the people who wish they were white (because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking white is right) are the ones most likely to comment on something like this.

  • Henry

    @o: Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, o. Charles Rozier is racist against Jews and blacks and extremely self-hating of his Korean heritage. I’ve never seen anything like it. His racism is compounded by his Christianity and the frame of mind that developed in him from the last ten years of being a cop.

  • Henry

    @o: In any case, I can guarantee you Charles Rozier has never wished for anything so sincerely and so passionately as to wake up white someday. He’s a very sick man.

  • Aiden

    @CBRad: What?

  • chandler

    its not just gay asian art, its pretty much everything. like i said its almost as if they don’t like being asian or something, they would rather be white.

  • danny

    honestly I never really cared for ambercrombie & fitch models

  • CBRad

    @chandler: It is strange, isn’t it ? Yet I don’t think it’s a self-hating thing, or anything like that (especially not with the Japanese, with their superiority complex !) It’s just that certain aspects of fashion, erotic art, sex appeal, style are more appealing to so many of them when it’s Caucasian style.

  • kedra

    You guys have to remember that the world is inundated by images of white male and female models because the majority of the fashion industry is in Europe and the U.S. These kids growing up in Asia, Africa and even Latin America only see white images and deduce that this is what beauty is. They rarely see people who look like them so they begin to think that there is something wrong with them. Here in the U.S. black women are always asked why do they not wear their hair natural instead of straitening it or getting weaves or whatever.

    Long story short— the symbols of beauty have always been caucasians so when that changes then people will be more comfortable with their own ethnicity.

  • Jim

    Gosh, I cant trust my girlfriend around these guys.. Fuck you A&F !

  • anal police


    girlfriend huh, so why are you on a gay site

  • JayKay

    Oh quit whining because they’re not the oh-so-diverse cultural rainbow you cream your gender non-conforming undergarments over and just admit that they’re hot.

  • Lance

    So… fucking… hairless.

  • CBRad

    @JayKay: LOL. NYC is full of hicks like that from the suburbs who move here and then mindlessly spout “di-ver-si-ty” as they do little curtsies (Andrew Belonsky and Andrew Towle).

  • shannon



    @chandler: NOT TRUE. dont assume if you dont know. im asian but partly european and trust me its not like that. jap/ korean ppl who dye their hair and get eye surgery is not cause they want to look western FOOL. they want to look like dolls. they want to look animated like JAPANESE ANIME. DUMB ASSES.

  • Riker

    @Henry: Let’s count the number of posts by your sockpuppets in this thread….I’m seeing five confirmed, plus it looks like a sixth that was deleted. Nice try, but you’re not fooling anyone. Stick to one identity, please.

  • drewa24

    Oh for fucks sake kittens, it’s Abs&Felch! What do you expect to see, 47 yr olds with upper ass beards and stretch marks on their gunts? That’s Hollisters marketing strategy! Stop making everything you read or view on Queerty your manifesto of global injustice. Just look at the pretty boys and give your junk a tug. Better yet, go to your nearest A&F and spray one of their dressing room mirrors with your seed and call it justice. Maybe the Asian guy or the Black guy WON”T have to clean it up.

  • jack

    what a tool, that guy that is talking to the camera

  • Spike

    Can you say a few words for the camera? “A few words for the camera”

    These himbos make it too easy to label them as dumb as dirt.

    Not one strand of pit hair or treasure trail to be seen. Wonder how many of em shaved eachothers b.utt holes?

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