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  • Cam

    Can’t tell you how many straight friends think it is hilarious to have their gay friends come along on their bachelor parties and sit near the stage.

    The board look can’t be good for the confidence of the dancers.

  • mpwaite

    Oh Honey, when I was in my 20’s…. just a “few” moons ago.. I had a friend, “Mama”, a FABULOUS AND BEAUTIFUL stripper that I met at a circuit party; we became instant friends and while I was in college she would invite me to come see her work and I would get a free steak dinner (WHICH WAS A GREAT BENEFIT TO A COLLEGE STUDENT)She would even introduce me to her “guys” and have me sit next to them while she gave them lapdances all the while having conversations with ME.. LOL> I spent many a night at the strip club and became friends with all the girls… We even hung out on their nights off.. ALL were extremely intelligent, and ALL of them were either studying to be lawyers or doctors (no joke).. I still keep in touch with some them. A few have fabulous careers and married great men.

  • orfunnyhaha

    My man and I took some pals to a pretty gross strip club. The pals ended up at the pool table completely oblivious. My husband and I felt bad so we were tipping the girls and really being attentive. Even the dancers thought we were hilarious.

  • Ridpathos

    @Cam: We’ve been trying to get our straight friends to come to a gay strip club. It’s been a no-go so far, but we’re persistent.

  • Cee

    When is Anderson Cooper’s sex tape coming out?

  • Spike

    The only strip clubs worth going to are the ones where they shoot ping pong balls and drop change/quarters out of the va-jaja’s ….

  • DonW

    Dear Anderson: We get it. You’re gay. We love you. Now please shut up and read the news.

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