Drag Her Off

WATCH: Clip of drag queen shoving woman off stage goes viral

A drag queen has sparked debate after a video clip of her pushing a customer off stage went viral.

Cara Melle, the London-based queen in question, encountered the rowdy patron during a drag brunch performance of Mariah Carey‘s “All I Want For Christmas is You.” As the woman took to dancing on one end of the stage, Melle strode over to her and gave her a swift push, knocking her into the crowd.

In a surprising twist, Melle found herself attacked by other drag queens for her behavior.

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“That was more than just a ‘get off my stage,’ tweeted former American Idol star Ada Vox. “That was inappropriate and unprofessional. If the woman was injured, which is very possible with a push like that, is also a lawsuit for both the performer & the venue with video evidence.”

Melle then went into damage control on Instagram, issuing an apology of sorts. “I apologized to her, we took photos after, she is fine,” Melle said. “She had a great time, she got two bottles of Prosecco to go home with! She had a fabulous time, we took pictures together, we kiki’d and I felt horribly for it. Honestly, it ate me up.”

She also added: “Once again, I apologize to her, with my whole heart sincerely. If she ever sees this, I apologize to you. I should not have ever pushed you that hard. I’m not for violence, I’m not for abusing women, that’s never been my character.”