Watch As A CNN Reporter Learns The Dark Truth Of Trump’s Bubble


The bubbles are real, folks.

While that’s hardly news, their existence continues to leave people across the political spectrum scratching their heads and involuntary muttering “really?”

The right can’t believe the left isn’t concerned about voter fraud, which is obviously a real problem because the President-elect of the United States says it’s a real (big!) problem, and he always tells it like it is:

But here’s the difference between the right’s bubble and the left’s bubble — facts.

Facts have the ability to permeate the membrane of the left’s bubble. It may take a while, but they manage to get through. The right’s is made out of a fact-proof, science-proof substance that only gets thicker with age.

Which leads to moments like this one, in which CNN reporter Alisyn Camerota is dumbfounded by a Trump supporter’s insistence that millions of illegal immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton in California, despite, you know, the fact that it just didn’t happen.

Nobody said living in a post-fact era was going to be fun.