WATCH: Diet Coke’s “Gardener” Ad With Andrew Cooper Is Awfully Homoerotic

Not since the days of Lucky Vanous have we been rendered speechless by a Diet Coke spokesmodel the way we have by Andrew Cooper, the star of this 30th anniversary commercial.

Not only is he a fine specimen, but he knows how to take a high-pressure volley of sticky liquid to the face. That’s always a good trait in a potential boyfriend.

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  • AEH

    Well, damn. And to think today was the day I was going to quit drinking Diet Coke…

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    What a stupid commercial.

  • Aaron

    He’s hot, but there’s not really anything homo-erotic about a man taking off his shirt in front of a group of women. Erotic maybe, sensual definitely. Not homo-erotic.

  • Brian

    How on earth is this “homoerotic”? If anything, it’s hetero-erotic. There’s nothing homoerotic about it. If the guy was taking his shirt off in front of a group of admiring men, that MAY be considered homoerotic, although even that’s not guaranteed.

    Honestly, we gays must be getting desperate if we keep trying to own male nudity.

  • Katbox

    This is not Homo-erotic. AT ALL.
    Incorrect usage of the term.
    This ad is geared towards women. That is all.

  • Katbox

    Yes he’s hot.
    Diet Coke is far less healthy than regular coke.

  • QJ201

    Erotic to homos, not homo-erotic

    get a dictionary

  • hotshot70

    not homo-erotic, but sexy. homo-erotic would be if it was all guys and they started staring at him with lustful eyes.


    Hey, dimwits! I don’t give a rat’s ass about what to call it; the guy’s HOT!

  • Fidelio

    How the hell did he get so drenched from opening a shaken Diet Coke? That fucked it up for me.

  • MikeE

    @LARRYBMOVIE: You’re right, let illiteracy rule the world.

    And no, this ad isn’t homoerotic in the least.
    It’s actually the very antithesis of homoerotic.

  • blkluvla

    Not “homoerotic”! Use that word to refer to some kind of sexual interaction between or among two or more men, or the insinuation of such an interaction. Four girls and a man taking off his shirt is totally UN-homoerotic

  • blkluvla

    @hotshot70: Yep! Absolutely right. Queerty is off the mark on this one!

  • hf2hvit

    NO BUTT!

  • FStratford

    yeah… erotic, not homoerotic. There’s no other guy anywhere. and the gardener could be gay but could be straight as well.

  • jobin1988

    truthfully lucky vanous was much hotter this guy is ok….but for the concept of commercial he needed to be way hotter….too skinny and boyish…which makes all the women that cougar thing….uber disappointing

  • rand503

    @Aaron: He walks away from five gorgeous girls who are obviously in to him. So he must be gay.

  • Daggerman

    …come on, is there really any homoerotic content in this….how is it supposed to be homoerotic exactly? Is it because squirting a load of fizzy soda drink over your naked torso is considered to only appeal tho men…my God, do fuck off and get a life. The ad is aimed at the female of the species, all women see the same ‘package’ as men do..what will it take for this whole human race to SEE the same thing?

  • Daniel-Reader

    Avoid all soda if you want to look like him.

  • Aaron

    So yeah, this is basically the exact same commercial from 20 years ago with the business women watching the construction worker. Actually, that one was funnier. So much for creativity.

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