Faith Michaels has releases her first full-length album, “The Pop Album.” “Crooked,” the first single and music video off of the album, features RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1 fan favorite Nina Flowers and Miami’s own Power Infiniti.

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‘The Pop Album’ is now available on iTunes and Amazon

Since Faith Michaels burst on the scene three years ago, her dance music has been celebrated in clubs across the U.S. and Europe. “Fetish” won music video of the year in Germany. “Neva Eva Eva” received nominations from Canada’s RightOutTV. And last year, her single, “Work That Body,” hit the Top 40 on the iTunes dance chart. Now, Michaels’ is teaming up with producer Michael Cosculluela for her first full-length album of pop-oriented songs. In fact, the album has so much pop, she decided to call it, “The Pop Album.” It releases this month, along with the single “Crooked,” featuring drag superstars Nina Flowers and Power Infiniti.

The Pop Album features a mixture of inspirational dance songs mixed with a touch of camp, comedy, sensuality, and even a hint of bitchiness, which is interesting coming from a queen who always plays nice. However, don’t mistake her warmness for weakness.

“Anybody can be a bitch,” says Faith Michaels. “When I wake up in the morning, it’s not my goal to be mean to people. But when I’m cornered, that side that needs to snap people back into place comes out.”

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The album’s first single, “Crooked,” featuring Nina Flowers and Power Infiniti, shows off that rarely seen side of Michaels. “We’re like the Wilson Phillips of bitchy,” she laughs. The trio of friends has been trying to collaborate on a project together for years. This single marks the first time they have been able to come together.

Written by Michael Cosculluela, “Crooked” is a message to all who feel they’re superior over others. ” A queen’s crown should always be on straight,” says Michaels. “If your nose is up in the air thinking you’re better than everyone else, then honey, your crown is crooked.”

Michaels says she’s been able to rise above the backstabbing that can often be prevalent in the drag community, especially among newbie queens. Born in Phoenix, Ariz., Michaels found inspiration in Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and even Wonder Woman.

“I grew up practicing my Wonder Woman spin!” says Michaels. “It was always important to hold on to something so you could throw it like a purse. I learned early on the importance of dramatic effect.”

There was never a doubt that Michaels would be an entertainer; it’s all she’s ever known. At first she wanted to pursue acting. She turned to drag because she found she created characters better than most. That conviction in herself is expressed in “Out of My Way”, another single on the album.

While the title could be perceived as a threat set to music, at its core, it’s an inspirational anthem.

Faith Michaels The Pop Album Cover Drag Queen Music fashion photo“The song is about going for your dreams and not letting no one bring you down,” Michaels explains. “We’ve all been there in life where we’ve had to ask ourselves if we should do it. ‘Should I move forward? What if I fail?’ I strive to always believe in myself. Sometimes, though, I have to look at myself in the mirror and tell the doubting nelly in me, ‘get out of my way.'”

The album includes two songs about Michaels’ personal fetish: heels.

“I get a drag boner every time I see a pair of pumps!” she admits.

One track, simply called “Heels,” written by Michael Cosculluela and Chole Dolandis, has been selected to appear in the documentary South Beach on Heels, a movie about drag queens in SoBe. The documentary is nominated for seven awards at the 7th International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London, including Best Soundtrack.

If heels don’t get your juices flowing, Michaels also has a tune about panties. Inspired by her always asking friends, “Has anyone seen my panties?”, Michaels wrote the song along with Michael Cosculluela, Jason Applegate and Mark Watson.

“‘Panties’ is something I’ve been wanting to do for years,” she continues. “I knew I didn’t want the song to be campy. So many other queens had done that already. Michael [Cosculluela] was able to add sensuality and just a pinch of camp into the track. I love it.”

She is just as enthusiastic about the entire album. And why not? “The Pop Album” is Faith Michaels’ baby and it promises to be a collection of songs that will get fans moving and motivate their spirits.

“I want my listeners to come away saying, ‘Wow, this is a really good album!’ It’s bitchy, sensual, and inspirational. Hey, where ‘my panties?”

The Pop Album is now available on iTunes and Amazon. For more information, visit and follow Faith Michaels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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