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WATCH: Gay men are asked if they’ve ever “turned” a straight guy

Api on You Can't Ask That
Api on You Can’t Ask That (Photo: ABC Television)

There’s a TV show in Australia called You Can’t Ask That. Broadcast on ABC, the aim of the show is to offer insight into the lives of marginalized communities and break down stereotypes while answering the questions people are afraid to ask.

This week, it featured a bunch of gay men answering questions.

As one would expect on such a show, many of the questions played on stereotypical tropes and were shot down by those answering them.

One of the questions was, “Have you ever turned a straight guy?”

Some of those answering said they “hated” the question, and we can appreciate why. It sort of plays into the idea of gay men as predators who are out to seduce others.

Some said they didn’t like to have sex with anyone who identified as straight.

Others said they had often encountered men who identified as “straight” in sex clubs and bathhouses.

“They’re very scared, so like when you’re in the cubicle, they’re like really hiding behind the door when you come in,” said Theo from Melbourne. “I’m like ‘bitch, let me come in! I can’t even open.’ They’re just so terrified someone’s going to see them.”

Another says he’s had experiences with “straight guys”, but doesn’t believe he’s “turned” anyone: “I think they’ve always wanted to.”

Some claim gay men are better at giving blow jobs.

Another recounts how a man started shedding tears after they had sex because he was so happy to have finally done it with another guy. The storyteller says it was a little awkward because his newly-out partner was still inside him when he started crying.

Watch the memories below.

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Other questions submitted by curious viewers included, “Were you a fruity kid?”

Half of those questioned, especially the younger ones, said they were.

‘I was looking for my Spice Girls posters and my father took me into my room and said this was not meant for boys,’ Theo from Melbourne said.

‘I don’t if I really had a label I just thought I was weirdo,’ another man, Api said.

Another question asked if they were ever called “faggot” at school, and most said they had heard the word at one time or another, and it impacted them.

​​”I know there a lot of people out there that have reclaimed that word but that still hits me really hard,” said Theo.

“There used to be this chat room (in school) and the main topic in there one day was ‘Is Theo a faggot?”

“The next day at school was really hard,” he said, getting emotional at the memory.

Gay men on You Can't Ask That
Josh and Theo (Photo: ABC Television)

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Another question asked whether they had a “gay voice” and if they ever changed it.

Theo said it was something he’d come to embrace.

“I used to go through life thinking that was my problem. I really believed I had to tone it down. Dress straight. Be a really f**king boring straight person,” he said.

The episode seemed to go down well with viewers.

If you’re in Australia, you can still catch the episode on ABC’s streaming service (sadly it’s not available outside of the country).