Watch Julian Serrano Literally Clap His Ass To The Beat Of JLo’s “Booty”

You may remember Julian Serrano as the hot Latino pocket gay who twerked his way through every room in his apartment and into your heart last summer. This week, he and his detachable ass are dominating YouTube again with an enticing rump-shaking performance of JLo’s “Booty”.

Watch Julian literally clap his ass cheeks below, and make sure to follow that thing on Instagram:

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  • jd2222248

    This is really a workout….he makes this look easy.

  • Tackle

    Lol at the second vid. That was not all his ass. Dude had some type of padding, or booty gel shakers on. No need for that when you already have a cute, tight firm ass…

  • Stache99

    @Tackle: Ha. Checked it again and damn if you’re not right. Some extra jiggle on top of the jiggle. A normal ass doesn’t move that way. Agree on your last part too.

  • Dxley

    I love men with brains, and he clearly doesn’t have one.

  • Ihadtosayit

    A one hit wonder that I would love to “hit” deeply and repeatedly…

  • Tackle

    @Stache99: Exactly. Too much extra jiggle.

  • fredo777

    @Tackle: False. You can tell by the visible underwear lines where his actual butt is + that is his own butt moving.

  • Tackle

    @fredo777: Sorry to burst your bubble, but his butt in the second vid is FAKE.If you look closely at both vids, you can clearly see that his butt is smaller in tbe first vid. And it’s not jumping and jiggling like it is in the second vid. And in the second vid , the meaty part where his ass jiggles wildly. You can see a slight separation as it goes from right to left…

  • crowebobby

    We clearly need a Senate investigation to get to the “bottom” of this.

    • Stache99

      @crowebobby: I agree and I volunteer. Just call me by my code name Deep Throat.

  • fredo777

    @Tackle: You’re not bursting anything, I’m afraid. I’ve seen more than these two videos of Julian’s/JuJu’s twerking + he has a big, jiggly butt in all of them (both of these included). You’re relying on evidence that isn’t there, quite frankly. Besides which, he is wearing different color/material + dancing differently in both these two videos. The way his butt moves in the latter vid is less about any additions to it + more about the actual slowed-down camera technique as well as the direction he’s shaking it in. His back + thighs are jiggling, too, in the second vid. Are those also augmented?

  • bradharden1

    was that suppose to be entertaining, Queerty you should have saved the space for something more worth while, like videoing grass growing.

  • Dapper Dan

    I live in LA. Julian “dances” at a club in West Hollywood some nights. That’s all him.

  • Tackle

    @fredo777: Well I’ve seen more than two videos of Julian, and all one has to do is go to his YouTube pages and see the truth. His ass looks much better in it’s natural form, then with all the fake gel pads.Who in the hell would want a ass that jiggles like jelly, when your own nnatural ass is tight, firm, muscular and round? Julian bought into the notion that bigger is better. And in this case it’s not. And if his ass is jiggling like this in slow motion, it would be jiggling like crazy in fast. And I’m not buying because someone seen him dancing in a club, and saying” it’s all him”.Anyone can dance with padding or other types of ass augmentation. Besides, his right ass cheek in the second vid is noticeably lower then the left cheek.

  • fredo777

    @Stache99: Seen that one. It’s one of the first I ever saw of him.

  • Black Pegasus

    None of what this young queen does personifies masculinity, so why would a decent masculine top be interested in that?
    The most sought after men in my gym are the masculine ones with firm NON feminine looking asses. He’s nothing more than a clown show.

    Sorry to bust your bubble. (Pun fully intended)

  • joncf215

    Embarrassed for him…. Not cute at all

  • SportGuy

    There is nothing sexy about this! The action is not sexy, he is not attractive, and does he qualify as a little person.

  • Xzamilio

    Yeah, I have to admit that he definitely gives me an erection, but it’s like that kind of erection where you know as soon as it’s “tended to”, there’s nothing there with the other person; I would do him and then leave immediately. I’ve seen how he interacts with people on Twitter, and he’s the kind of person that if you want to be in a relationship with, you’d have to be as vain and ratchet as he is.

  • stranded

    @Black Pegasus: You’re not busting anyone’s bubble, you’re just stating your opinion and overgeneralizing your preference for all “decent masculine tops”

  • gskorich

    many many years ago i worked at a straight strip club as a barback. i was underage and no one seemed to care. anyhow, i would watch the girls do their moves and watch the guys go crazy. when i would hot the gay clubs and watch the male strippers i noticed they were doing the same moves. for some reason it made these masculine guys look like sissies and i didn’t like it. same thing with this guy. its just not attractive. he looks like a chick

  • DarkZephyr

    Ha ha ha. “The most sought after men in my gym”. There are other places in the world where gay men hang out.

  • rhino79

    Of course he has a nice ass… he’s four feet tall.

  • SportGuy


    LOL, yeah its kind of creepy. I think they like to be called little people.

  • Kangol

    I just peeled my tongue off the floor! Ay que chulote!

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