WATCH: Learn How To Throw Some Serious Shade At Busted Queens, Gurl

Meet Bryan Oji: he’s an improv comedian, multimedia mistress extraordinaire, and the shade-throwingest queen of the ballroom, honey. He’s got more shade than an K-Mart makeup counter and she knows how to use it. So take a second to learn his majesty’s lingo so you can walk right up and slay it at the gay bar. You won’t regret it, gurl.

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  • James

    This guy is great, just started watching his videos not to long ago. WARNING though turn your volume down! lol

  • Me

    Awful and annoying. I hear this lingo daily, not by gays, but by urban school children on the subway. This is not a fair or accurate representation of even the cuntiest queens I know. They at least have an education and can pull out witty insults.

  • Me too

    I have to agree. I was expecting more. That was just some nonsense being spat out of a very loud mouth.

  • darkskin bttms R survivors

    I haven’t heard school children talk like this.. Well they are our future.. “Werk Hunnies”

  • Christopher in VA

    Did anyone else immediately think “Chris Crocker redux?” This isn’t Paris is Burning, that’s for sure.

  • ronnie

    chile pahleeeez!

  • Brandon33


    Someone’s clearly never seen Paris is Burning…or the streets outside a gay club after last call…

  • James

    Um… is he on meth?

  • doublestandard

    Chris Crocker………….NAW not even close

    NOW Chris Tucker……honeeeey yes…I did not know he came back to do drag

  • n900mixalot

    He has the BEST “It Gets Better” video.

  • Tommy Shepherd

    My cat ran away when I started playing the clip. Bitch, tone it down, please.

  • Jose

    @James: clearly you’ve never seen someone on meth

  • John

    What a let down, this isnt funny. I live in Baltimore, I’ve heard funnier conversations by two women at the grocery store. Where is this guy from, Utah?

  • IzzyLuna

    Did she say “boots”…? Awesome! That came from the one and only Erica Andrews and she says it in the film Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives – example phrase: “You’re late for doing that! That’s so shady the-house-down Boots!”

  • James

    Lighten up people – there’s a clue in the introduction. ‘Improv COMEDIAN’.

  • Dave


    This isn’t the late 70s or 1980s and we’re not watching Paris in Burning.

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