Stripped Down

WATCH: Lil Nas X’s new a cappella version of “Montero” has us hot & bothered

As the buzz over Lil Nas X’s ultra-homoerotic track “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and its scandalous video continues, the rapper has doubled down its popularity. Last weekend, Nas X released a new a cappella video of the song.

The video, which turned up on YouTube April 23, features Nas X in a variety of very sexy costumes and glam makeup, singing all the parts of the song and making all the electronic sounds himself. That involves a bit of beat-boxing, some scales, and singing a variety of different harmonies.

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Ok, so the new video doesn’t feature Nas giving Satan a lap dance. That said, it still revels in its own queerness, and its simplicity underlines the power and inherent sexual charge to the music. It also looks like Lil Nas X has been working out a bit. Not that we’re complaining…

Have a look, and discover a newfound appreciation for the track. Now, where do we get a pair of those rhinestone Dior sunglasses?