WATCH: Michael Henry laments the loss of his pandemic FWB

At least he had one.

Comedian Michael Henry dropped his latest video this week, a combination ode and lament to COVID-19 friends with benefits.

Titled My Friend With Benefits Dumped Me, the video finds Michael along with his friends Pete and Michael relaxing outside a dumpster. Michael and Michael moan just thinking about the hot love they’ll be getting with their partners, while Pete wears a black veil, in mourning.

Michael Henry brags about his latest FWB, who imitates the singer Seal. Michael Lucid takes pride in hooking up with the sesame seed sprinkler from a Jack in the Box.

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Come to find out, Pete’s friend with benefits–a mechanic, which Pete sees every week after pouring kitty litter in a gas tank–has dumped him. In fact, he’s disappeared altogether.

“He’s probably greasing up the whole neighborhood’s jalopies,” Pete laments.

As Pete drifts further into melancholy, Donald, Michael Henry’s Seal-impersonating FWB, stops in for a little song.

Luckily, just as Michael, Michael & Donald are about to embark on a FWB couples retreat, Pete gets a message from his mechanic. As it turns out, he actually…

Well, it’s best experienced by watching. Have a look.